• More than the “story”, we are taken on a ride of emotions, such as the adrenaline rush of waiting for your crush to enter the classroom. This takes you right back to your college days.

  • Whilst the social-media and online bloggers these days just add to the noise and cynicism around, Jon Favreau as the director, finds them, from a distance, hopeful to tell a believable and an inspiring story. Casper’s food tastes good, we are simply told. Only if along with sight and sound, third sense of smell or taste could be added to the movies. Sigh.

  • Well, how do you rate a film on your conventional 5-star scale that is so unconventional in its form? How do you even review it (or well, at least start to) when even after seeing so much you are not sure of what you have seen? I don’t know. Or I would rather like to put what the protagonist says in answer to the above quoted dilemma: “Out of course!”

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