• The truly breathtaking spectacle and technical achievements can make you feel like you too are on a vertical slope at 29,000 feet. But this awe-inspiring movie is also one that’s laced with dread, little triumph and even less perspective as you wait, with a knotted stomach, for the disasters to manifest.

  • Regardless of your taste for pulsing electronic music or actor Zac Efron, both are undeniably appealing in this feature debut from director and co-writer Max Joseph. Though the plot may be predictable, Joseph energizes his coming-of-age musical romance with creative animation, explosive dance scenes and a vibrant soundtrack that’s like an entree to the EDM genre. And Efron brings such heart to the main character, he’s easy to root for.

  • This disappointing comedy falls apart before it begins because no one would behave the way its characters do, and their ridiculous choices drive the action.

  • However many Terminators are unveiled, the mechanical heart and soul of the series will always be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800. He’s the android version of earlier, cast-aside operating systems: a Game Boy with a gun. “I’m old, not obsolete,” he says in “Genisys.” And that, surprisingly, is the case. Schwarzenegger’s return to his most iconic role provides much of the appeal of this otherwise purposeless redo.

  • What’s most refreshing about “Inside Out” is its inversion of the standard prescriptions of big-budget animation: It’s ultimately about the importance of embracing sadness. This, you may have noticed, isn’t exactly the conventional moral one generally finds at the multiplex.

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