• Pete’s Dragon is not so much about the performances as it is about the visual treat and the heart-warming story. There are parallels you might want to draw with The Jungle Book or even E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial but that will not take away any the fun the movie promises.

    Absolutely, go and enjoy the film. It will make you wish you had an Elliott all for yourself. 

  • …the bar might have been set too high by the 2003-hit. And hence, it would be only fair to comment that in isolation, Finding Dory is definitely a fun watch, to say the least. You are taken in by the delightful characters yet again, the ocean looks just as lovely if not better and well, it is yet another Disney adventure you’d do well to enjoy.

  • The Jungle Book will be a nice weekend watch merely for the nostalgia at play and how incredible the movie looks. The story has long stayed with us and will for a while to come. Every return to the jungle must be welcomed.  

  • Rocky Handsome as much as it achieves what it sets out to be – an all-out action thriller will be far from being counted among Kamat’s best works. 

  • What works beautifully for Zootopia is the sweet balance the movie maintains between humor that is subtle and in-your-face. You will do well to constantly look out for fine jabs, wit that isn’t most obvious, and smile. Watch out for the logo behind Officer Hopps’ phone, for instance. Zootopia also scores with the message it conveys. Whether it is how persistence is the key to success or the understated yet very relevant moral that one rotten apple does not make the entire basket awful, there is something to take home here.

  • You could give Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 a try if you have enjoyed the previous two films and are a fan of mindless innuendos.

  • By the end of Wazir, you will know you haven’t watched anything very novel. The plot, the ultimate reveal are, for the lack of a better word, very predictable. You’d still do better than give this one a miss. A good thriller doesn’t come by every day. Wazir is almost there. 

  • …a fine excuse to get all nostalgic with good ol’ Charlie Brown and the gang. It is also a wonderful way to introduce the uninitiated to what will forever be one of the most lovable comic strips. 

  • …will not be the best bhai movie you’ll have watched or even the best Rajshri movie for that matter. There are several problems with the movie; whether it is the hackneyed storyline or mediocre performances but you’ll do well to give this a watch because you know like every Rajshri movie, this one has a heart too and it is in the right place.

  • Titli must feature on your must-watch list of movies simply because it will be a long time before you are treated to such superb performances and effective storytelling at the movies again.

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