• For a Bollywood- and cricket-crazy country, Patiala House seems like a dream that marries both off with aplomb… patialvi style.

  • Six pairs of hot legs, constantly on the run about Bangkok in skimpy outfits sounds like a great idea for a boys’ movie night. United Six may have a lot of chicks but is no chick flick. The film engages you, but only in parts. Unless half-baked entertainment is your thing, don’t bother with this one.

  • With a bit of patience, however, YSZ isn’t a bad choice for this weekend. If patience isn’t one of your virtues, however, wait for the television premiere.

  • A visit to the theatre may well not be worth it. A television premiere might be a better option.

  • Impatient Vivek is so appalling you can’t even forgive yourself and say you left your brains at home. Pat yourself on the back if you leave the cinema hall cheery and happy after this alleged rom-com, for you will have passed the toughest test of patience devised so far.

  • Dhulia gets it right all the time. But the transformation is too quick to be believable, my only problem with Paan Singh Tomar. Forgivable when pitted against the film as a whole. The length could have been worked upon too. Dialogue, as is true for most Dhulia films, is the strongest point of this one too.Gritty and power packed Paan Singh Tomar is a tribute to the unsung heroes of sports in India. Dhulia’s direction and Irrfan’s integrity will make Paan Singh Tomar among the best movies of recent times.

  • If you can’t catch Memories in the theatres, you won’t be missing much, to be honest. Watch it only for the beautiful story, narrated in three languages (English, Bengali and Hindi) with a real human touch.

  • For entertainment or emotional stimulation look elsewhere. There’s every reason you can miss this one. Unless you like to believe you’re among the intelligentsia.

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