• On the whole, Chennai Express has a masala of comedy, action, romance and drama which will keep you entertained from beginning to end. Though it is by no means perfect, Rohit Shetty does handle the majority of this film quite well; which may be of some inspiration for future filmmakers seeking to produce and direct a fresh Bollywood comedy. In addition, it can be safely said that Chennai Express ends Shah Rukh Khan’s lean phase, given that he starred in some less appreciated films in recent years. With Chennai Express, you will see the King of Bollywood back at his best and proving that he still has the talent and determination needed to keep audiences entertained. Thus, make the time to get on this train and witness a delightful story unfolds before your eyes!

  • Student of the Year is a film which has a little bit of everything. It contains drama, comedy and of course romance. It is not a ground-breaking film but it does not leave you feeling that you have made a bad investment. If anything you are left concluding that although it is not one of the greatest films to have ever been made, it was still a film that was worth the watch!

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