• Watching Bharat I felt a strange stirring of hope and joy. The film spreads a sunshine across its tapestried universe. But it fails to provide an even narrative soundboard for its protagonist whose life hardly seems as illustrative of India’s chequered history as he would like us to believe. Not always credible, Bharat nevertheless manages to never loose its composure. It is an achievement of epic proportion which losses some of its greatness in trying to say too many things at the same time.

  • Finding Fanny is a well-written film that combines comedy and drama to create a charming story as well as accomplished entertainment. From its most touching moments to its most hilarious situations, the film is highly enjoyable and a recommended watch.

  • Overall, the Turning 30 soundtrack is an interesting affair, it’s definitely one of those soundtracks that are part of this burgeoning wave of indie-rock, and genre-bending music ushered in by Amit Trivedi. However, this album definitely holds it’s own and is worth a listen on a club night or night in too!

  • An intoxicating, stoned watch — do it and do it now!

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