• Director Apoorva Lakhia pays attention to the details but misses out on certain points. The cops are shown without bulletproof jackets while encountering the gunmen. The gangsters’ phone lines aren’t jammed till the dying moments of the long encounter. Also the movie has some unnecessary songs that slacken the story’s pace.

  • It makes a good popcorn flick and has a few catchy moments. Watch out for the classy action sequences and the chemistry between Hrithik and Aishwarya, which is appealing to say the least!

  • Though Yash can’t give his die hard fans again a run-away-hit like DDLJ, this movie is worth watching for its exotic foreign locales and excellent choreography by Shiamak Davar and Farha Khan. Madhuri’s age shows in some scenes but nevertheless she looks gorgeous as she is a natural beauty. Karishma is stunning and full of life through out the movie.Something’s amiss as far as Shah Rukh Khan is concerned. Perhaps, his extraordinary energy.

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