• Reimagined by writer, director, producer and star Dax Shepard, the big-screen CHIPS is a tawdry, testosterone-fuelled tale built around jokes and endless evaluation of women’s appearances.

  • This sort of movie was made for television viewing. You could tune in or out at any moment and really not miss anything. Or just have a drink beforehand and bring your rowdiest friends to the theatre.

  • Just when it was looking like animated animal movies had run out of anything original to say, along comes the smartly amusing, crisply relevant Zootopia to handily demonstrate there’s still plenty of bite left in the anthropomorphic CG menagerie.

  • What the film could have been, and which it briefly is, is about a woman, who, despite her over-bearing reality, breaks free from tradition, follows her heart and triumphs. Instead, she stupidly walks with her suitcase into the sand dunes.

    No, this is not an incomplete story. It’s just a badly told one.

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