• What you expect to be a hilarious trip turns out to be just another stodgy comedy with unfunny jokes.

  • In its entirety, Max is one of those movie which people of all age groups will love. With a fair share of gut wrenching moments, Max will make you cry for him, root for him and make you a part of his journey as he goes from being a war dog to an integral part of the Wincott family. All in all, Yakin will leave you misty-eyed with his tale of youthful romance, boy-dog relationships and lots of drama with bad guys all around.

  • Insidious: Chapter 3 offers the audience something more than most horror movies. From the very first scene, you can guess that the movie is headed in a completely different direction. While it doesn’t pack a punch with the scares, it is the emotional undercurrent that stands out. Grief and dealing with the death of a loved one are the subjects the first two movies didn’t really talk about. Avoiding cliches and conventionality, Whannell has put together a frightening, yet emotional movie that covers all its flaws brilliantly.

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