• To begin with this reviewer is no great admirer of Ben Stiller. But in The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, which incidentally is also directed by him, he does an excellent job putting to shame his earlier directors for not using him correctly. He’s not only a comedian.

  • …sitting through 179 minutes of predictable, blasé and brash anecdotes becomes tedious. Yet, when the end comes, it is abrupt. Can you believe that? Di Caprio is as usual good, though he has to scream his lungs out and stoop to gross deeds…when all is said and done Horace Walpole’s “in small proportions we just beauty see, in short measures life may perfect be” stands out loud and clear.

  • There are 20 minutes of action but the remaining 90-odd ones are lackluster with director Carl Eric Rinsch struggling with the legend.

  • We’re on a long, long journey with Lord and Miller stumbling with weak establishing shots. The visuals too are at best average and going through a dull middle is another handicap. Though the climax is a saving grace, one isn’t likely to brave it out until then.

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