• The only high point of Shankar’s I (in Tamil) is Vikram’s enthralling performance, first as a rustic body builder and later as a disfigured hunchback.

  • Cumberbatch is a marvel to watch. The contrasts in him – comical when he is confronted with ordinary tasks like ordering food, and obsessive when it comes to work – are portrayed with powerful sensitivity. His inability to face the real world, the world outside his workplace, is almost heartrending. And Knightley is superb, a perfect match for Cumberbatch, demolishing the era’s demeaning view of a woman’s ability.

  • Although, Lingaa arguably is one the better films of Rajinikanth in a long time, the actor remains a slave to his trademark mannerisms – which do not allow him to sink into the character.

  • Jigarthanda is a failed attempt at showing stylised brutality…

  • Finally, if one were to see the film as a piece of fiction rather than a document of history, Grace of Monaco is a story well told, and engagingly so. It has breathtaking visuals and lovely people, and Dahan has an eye for detailing that makes his movie all the more arresting.

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