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Papanasam is a 2015 Tamil drama thriller film written and directed by Jeethu Joseph. A remake of Jeethu's 2013 Malayalam blockbuster Drishyam, it stars Kamal Haasan and Gauthami in the roles originally portrayed by Mohanlal and Meena, respectively.Wikipedia

Papanasam Reviews

Kamal Haasan is this out of the world Superman when he’s in front of the camera. Give him any character and within a minute he transforms into that character. There’s no denying that there’s earnestness in Jeethu Joseph’s story. But having watched a version of the movie I was apprehensive about 'Papanasam's' capability to convince me afresh. However it’s a joy to discover what the team has done here. They have proved that even after watching several versions of the story, you’ll still be able to relish this drama till the last minute.

Indian Express


“Papanasam” is the best and the most faithful remake of the original. It shows what Kamal Haasan is capable of doing when he’s at his best.

Gautaman Bhaskaran
Hindustan Times


A must watch for those fans of Kamal who have been waiting to see him as an actor -- not just a star driven to stunts -- and, of course, Gauthami, who would certainly rekindle memories of her great performances.

Anupama Subramanian
Deccan Chronicle


Papanasam is a movie that engages your senses while managing to dispel any misgivings on a timely basis. In a tour-de-force that stretches beyond the 2 hour and 40 minutes mark, director Jeethu Joseph has recreated the original magic of Drishyam but with a more localized flavor to boot. The stage largely belongs to Kamal Haasan, whose eyes tell as much a story as his vocal chords.

Papanasam doesn’t deviate from the original structure but there is a conscious effort to explain the strategy of Drishyam’s understated intelligence. The ploy more or less works because the events look convincingly premeditated in context of the alibi and as a result the characters better fleshed out.

A well-written screenplay, brilliantly executed, with clever music, stunning cinematography, and, above all, the hugely talented Kamal Haasan, make Jeethu Joseph's Papanasam a must watch.

...is the best and the most faithful remake of the original. It shows what Kamal Haasan is capable of doing when he's at his best.

After the first half an hour when the various characters are established, the film gets into a thrilling roller-coaster mode. The next two-plus hours are when you have your heart perpetually parked in your mouth, as this hapless, middle class family goes through an unimaginable fate. The watertight script (except for one or two silly flaws) and robust execution gets you caught up in the emotional whirlpool along with Suyambulingam’s family.

Gayatri Gauri


The film may be in Tamil but is likely to appeal equally to the Hindi cinegoer. Papanasam is a great reminder of why we go to the movies: to be entertained and stay emotionally engaged.Regional language should not keep you away, irrespective of upcoming Hindi remake, Drishyam.

Raisa Nasreen


Jeethu Jospeh’s taut and convincing writing makes this a nail-biting thriller! But what will eventually make you take notice of this film is Kamal Haasan’s superb performance. He makes subtlety look intense! Don’t miss it! A brilliant gem like this doesn’t occur in cinema often.

India Glitz


Tamil answer to the legendary Malayalam blockbuster Drishyam by its mentor Jeethu Joseph is an emotionally uplifting pulse riser that has a prize boxer in Kamal Haasan delivering a knockout punch that explodes with family values, togetherness, morality, upbringing and much more.


If you are Kamal Haasan fan you won’t even need to read this review to watch Papanasam. If you are not a Kamal Haasan fan, please don’t miss it for anything in the world as it is very rare that a good script meets a great actor. And if you are thinking ‘ I have already watched Drishyam’, I would say give Papanasam a chance as it has the potential to blow your mind. Be a little patient in the beginning and it would pay rich dividends.

Papanasam is a faithful remake of Drishyam with an authentic local flavor and more detailing from the original!


Future film scholars are going to tie themselves up in knots about who is better, which approach is better, but for now, let’s just say Kamal Haasan is terrific. And it’s terrific to see him play a ‘normal’ part, something that doesn’t ask you to view it through special Subtext Revealing Glasses. As fun as that is, sometimes, more of this, please.


‘Papanasam’ is a faithful, if not better remake. It’s an exhilarating cocktail of family, emotions, crime and redemption. It’s not a whodunit or a ‘howdunit’ because we know both. It places the viewer in a moral dilemma. Jeethu Joseph’s watertight script would have got a nod of approval from Hitchcock. He may have found the filial sentiments silly but that’s Jeethu’s masterstroke.

Papanasam is a gripping tale that is unpredictable and ultimately leaves you stumped.Don’t miss it

Audience Reviews for Papanasam

  • Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
    300 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Yes, I have watched the Malayalam version starring Mohanlal. The original was an amazingly twisted, adrenaline-rush and chase-laden film with fizz and grip, especially amazing due to Mohanlal's good performance. But within the broader swathe, the film was a tad overlong, and menacingly boring.
    'Papanasam' is that unique film which is better than the original in every sense of the word. While it superbly stages the drama right from the beginning, it pays priceless details to the camerawork, which is all dazzle, but also all-appealing. Kamal Hassan makes the film work even more with his humor and expressive talents. The reason why I found this brilliant Tamil film absolutely better than the original version is its command on the storytelling which makes it an intellectually stimulating watch. But it has room for the relatability and emotional quotients, which I found missing in the Malayalam version as a whole.
    You need to watch 'Papanasam' even if you have watched the Hindi version. It is a thrilling experience not to be missed. I'm going with 4 out of 5 for 'Papanasam'. It makes cultural sounds.

    September 19, 19
  • Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
    Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
    160 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Over the years, numerous remakes has flooded the theatres but only a handful of them actually managed to do justice to the original. Invariably, a significant number of Malayalam movies has been remade such as "Kireedam", "Manichithrathazhu", "Traffic" etc...& the latest to join this group is Jeethu Joseph's blockbuster "Drishyam". It's already been made in other languages such as Kannada, Telugu with Hindi in the pipeline as well, but the Tamil version was helmed by Jeethu himself with Kamal Haasan in the title role. So will the remake appeal to the audience especially for the ones who have seen the original???

    Since the storyline is pretty much known to everyone, I believe that I dont have to go into the details of it. Except for the names & places, the basic premise has remained faithful to the original. Suyambulingam (Kamal Haasan) was a hard working individual who led a contented life with his small close knit family. Inspite of having studied only till the 4th, he was a person who was well versed with the happenings around the world which was partly due to his avid love for movies. Things moved along serenely in his household, until an individual who seemed capable to wreak havoc in their lives announces his presence. How Suyambulingam rises upto that challenge forms the crux of the movie.

    "Drishyam" is the biggest blockbuster of our industry (maybe "Premam" might overtake it) & the full credit for that goes to Jeethu Joseph. The reasons were pretty obvious as apart from impeccable execution he had penned that brilliant script as well. Even in "Papanasam", it is indeed applaudable that though the movie runs close to 3 hours, it never takes a toll on the audience as we are totally engrossed in it. If at all there was a significant difference between the two, it was with regard to the character of the protagonist as Lalettan seemed calculative and more restraint in his emotions while Kamal displayed more of an emotional side amply showcased in the climax sequence. All the technical aspects were impressive be it Sujith Vaassudev's visuals, Ghibran's music (though I felt Anil Johnson's original score & BGM were much better) & Ayoob's editing.

    It's true that it's unfair to compare, but when it comes to remakes it's inevitable to be frank. If Lalettan had made Georgekutty memorable, in Tamil the mantle was on another legend Kamal Haasan & he has performed brilliantly. It wouldnt be prudent to accept the fact that we finally got to see the character rather than the star which had restricted his ability to showcase his acting skills in the recent past. Gowthami was average at best as she seemed kinda rusty & also it was a role which was tailor made for Meena. Coming to Nivedita Thomas, she seemed better than Ansiba while Esther didnt seem quite at ease here. As for the rest, Asha Sharath rocked while Kalabhavan Mani (I expected more from him as I personally feel he is more talented than Shajon), Anant Mahadevan etc have done a fine job.

    Verdict: Undoubtedly, this is definitely one of the best movies that have come out in Tamil in recent times. Just like "Drishyam" was a landmark in Malayalam, I wouldn't be surprised if it's remake turns out to be one as well. In short, give it a try as its a well crafted remake. On a lighter note, though Jeethu rectified the flaw he made in the original with regard to the phone call; he forgot that "Anjaan" was released only on August 15th while Suyambulingam & family saw it 10 days earlier!!!

    Rating: 3.75/5


    September 18, 16
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
    258 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    The idea behind Papanasam is a cash cow from filmmaker Jeethu Joseph. While he cashed in on the original Malayalam film, which was terrific for a Malayali like me, he also dressed as the writer for the Telugu and Kannada remakes and will also be donning the same cap for the Hindi release.

    Sparing you further insight about the makers, the film works mostly because of its village setting, a family drama, and the suspense that grips its viewer for most of the 160 minutes. There are lots of things to think about here, starting from the ethics that surrounds a crime.

    It will highly appeal to the Tamil audience, but if you are one of that guy who has already watched the original version or one of its two remakes, chances are that you will definitely compare the films. And the comparison will let you down.

    BOTTOM LINE: Papanasam is of course a brilliant thriller, and it will look amazing if and only if you have not watched the original Malayalam film and you have not read the book The Devotion of Suspect X.

    VERDICT: 5 stars out of 10. Watchable.

    July 10, 15
  • Muniraj B
    Muniraj B
    1 review

    Movie is Entirely Good. but it seems to only one logical mistake was happened i.e., Anjaan Movie was Released on 15th August. but in this movie specified as 2nd August.
    however, my review rating of this movie is 3.5 out of 5.

    July 06, 15