• Kesari is a blatant subversion of a historic event which feeds into the current nationalistic narrative of fetishising violence and celebrating war.

  • It’s a snapshot into a shared moment in time, an improbable and unlikely one. 

    But how can a film be an ode to films without doing what films do best?

    Most would argue that Rafi and Noorie may never be together is real life.

    And maybe that isn’t an incorrect assessment.

    Their love story is so unrealistic, it only belongs in a movie. 

  • Ranveer Singh Owns This Film About Oppression And The Right To Dream

  • Aamir Khan’s Film Treats Women Characters Terribly…Katrina Kaif doesn’t get a single coherent line to utter in the film while Fatima Sana Shaikh plays a pirate Barbie.

  • The Square easily justifies its 105-minute runtime, and there’s a lot going on. While I don’t feel like each strand of the story comes together in perfect cohesion, Östlund is in top form with this quite absurd and jaw-dropping film it as entertaining, as it is existential.

  • At the end, you are left with a lot of questions. You are also left with a satisfied heart after watching a gripping story, poetic in its narrative and artfully put together.

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