• While the climax of Lagaan was set in a cricket match, here it is in an art competition, but the effect is as rivetting and cheering. Ishaan, the underdog, the boy who is a ‘disgrace’ to his parents, school and orthodox teachers with his blunders, low marks and aggressive behaviour blooms into the hero of the day, all because of the farsighted and motivated Nikumbh ‘Sir’ who waters this human plant with compassion, sympathy and affection instead of pouring reprimands, beatings, criticisms and ridicule on him!

  • Throughout this 2 hour 30 minutes film, you keep glued to the proceedings with not a single minute making you feel disinterested. In fact the parts before and after the interval have their own tales to tell. The first half is absolutely breezy while stuffed with light hearted/truly hilarious moments.

  • From the plot point of view, the film is very simple. In fact Amitabh Bachchan, who plays an advocate in the film, summarizes it all by asking a question – “If you see a man with a gun near your house, whom would you prefer – a cop or a gangster?” This pretty much justifies the horror acts that you see in the penultimate 30 minutes of the film when each of the gangsters meets with a brutal end.

  • A thought-provoking, soul-stirring wake up call to the youth of India. An engrossing entertainer from a genre that’s still young in Indian cinema. A film that fiercely eyeballs you, grabs you by the solar and rattles the nonchalance out of you. A glorious tapestry with layers upon layers of the moments and decisions that make the lives of beautifully defined characters. Engrossing entertainment meets taut social comment with perfect timing in Rang De Basanti.

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