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Pandi and his friends, immigrant workers in Andhra Pradesh, are picked up by cops for a crime they never committed. And thus begins their nightmare, where they become pawns in a vicious game where the voiceless are strangled by those with power.Wikipedia

Visaranai Reviews

Lockup deaths and police encounters will no longer be mere newspaper reports after watching Visaranai, as the film sends across a chilling message.

The movie might not work with a larger audience especially with women and kids but for the lovers of the real cinema, this is a 5-course treat.In Vetrimaaran’s own words, this movie is a depiction of a "harsh reality that we don't want to believe." Go watch it.


Director Vetrimaraan has delivered a film that doesn't preach or sermonise - it delivers a jolt of reality. And it makes you think - because this could happen to you. Don't miss it.

Suhani Singh
India Today


Visaaranai is an emotionally intense and engrossing drama which gets its point across without being overly preachy.


The film succeeds due to razor sharp writing and linear screenplay aided by terrific performances by its lead actors. One of the major highlights is that actors have been aptly cast.

With some genuine portrayals from Attakathi Dinesh, Raj Pradeesh, Samuthira Kani (who is fast becoming more of an actor than director) and Aadukalam Murugadoss, Visaranai strikes a warning bell that puts you on guard to never go out of the line. At the end of the film, my mind wandered to Talvar and how it was a film that drew a lot of attention to a real life incident that shocked the nation. Visaranai falls under that bracket.


Vetrimaaran has proved his mettle as a full-blown filmmaker who knows how to balance the trade and commercial aspects of a movie, even if it has superior shades of an art film.

India Glitz


'Visaranai' is by no means only an art or docu film, but fits into the commercial arena as well as it has thrills, especially a nail biting climax, humor, action,  a little painful love story in the background and above all filled with real life incidents which one can easily relate to.Verdict : Go for this rare gem which you will treasure in your mind for a long time.

It takes the Tamil cinema one step further and kindles hope that perhaps someday, different genres of movies will happily coexist here. But how much you relish Visaranai is directly connected to your threshold for dark & disturbing movies. If like me, it’s low, I suggest you sit at home.


A powerful, chilling drama about how the System toys with us...

In spite of handling a blood-curdling script, Vetrimaaran has managed to stay away from gratuitous gore which has worked in favour of Visaranai. The film is hard-hitting and gritty, that makes it an impactful watch.

Some may call Visaranai to be a violent film, while most of the others may say it is a brilliant piece of art that is so real and suspenseful. But if you’re a fan of crime thriller or film that depicts pain, do not miss it!Verdict: Visaranai, a must watch uniquely treated crime thriller that represents true cinema.

Audience Reviews for Visaranai

  • Laxman Sandeep Gudur
    Laxman Sandeep Gudur
    1 review

    Emotional, gripping, arresting crime drama thriller. Crispy run time makes the movie glue to your seat. If you like dark crime thrillers then this one is for you. Do not miss this film.

    May 20, 17