• …a stylish, spirited, nostalgia with power packed performance; Miss it at your own risk.

  • Sometimes, films like ‘Paa’ does make Bollywood stand upright with honour. Hats off to filmmaker Balakrishnan!! Amitabh owes a lot to this auteur for delineating his persona with new-fangled dimensions. An ad filmmaker would usually overflow with creative quotients and Balki seems to posses them in excess. The filmmaker surpasses his ‘Paa’ setting asunder with other Hindi films based on various disorders and emotional relationships.

  • Both Saif and Deepika are convincing as Jai and Meera. Saif has pulled of an astounding act as urbane, flirty, idiotic, confused Jai and is likeable as the younger Veer too. Deepika has enacted way beyond her previous roles. Rishi Kapoor is the eternal lover boy and is cute and adorable in the film. All in all this film makes you fall love with the idea of falling in love all over again.

  • Mokashi seems to have a detailed study on both Phalke and Harishchandra and restages scenes and anecdotes. Period look is detailed. The lingo used, the costumes, and the colour tone everything is in sync with the era. Madhav as Phalke and Vibhavari as his wife and pillar of support are picture perfect. The second half when the actual film making begins becomes more entertaining

  • A thought-provoking, soul-stirring wake up call to the youth of India. An engrossing entertainer from a genre that’s still young in Indian cinema. A film that fiercely eyeballs you, grabs you by the solar and rattles the nonchalance out of you. A glorious tapestry with layers upon layers of the moments and decisions that make the lives of beautifully defined characters. Engrossing entertainment meets taut social comment with perfect timing in Rang De Basanti.

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