• Without going into too much details of the plot, it is well written. It will keep you gripped and at the edge of your seat. There are some cameo appearances towards the end which the fans would enjoy.

  • Despite being far from M. Night Shyamalan’s best work, After Earth is by far one of the better films he has directed.

  • The plot might not boldly take you to places you haven’t gone before but wherever it does take you, is a wonderful place and it would be positively Vulcan to say otherwise.

  • Overall, the film carries with it all the style of its director and cast. However, what made the story so popular and loved, was not the dazzle but its heart. That is where this film falls short.

  • You will enjoy watching it with friends whom you don’t really want to meet everyday. If you want to see a film which will intellectually stimulate you and start a dinner conversation, this isn’t it… high thrills and roadside frills…. you betcha!

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