• For those who are going to compare it to Skyfall, this simply isn’t as good. There is neither the emotional connect nor the sweet melancholy that inhabited the last film, but it is a joyous ride nonetheless. And for what he made out of Bond, we owe this to Daniel Craig as he dons the tux for the very last time. You also owe it to the teenager inside you who loves the whirl of excitement the way only Bond can give – shaken not stirred.

  • Based on a true story, the film brings together director Steven Spielberg and actor Tom Hanks together for the fourth time. Add the Coen Brothers who spit-and-polished the script by Matt Charman and you have a dream team. It is ingredients like these which make for Oscar baits, and, make no mistake, Bridge of Spies is likely to be mentioned in the noms soon.

  • The Martian, directed by Ridley Scott — in rare form, is a throwback to those brave days of space exploration, peppered with enough wry wit and thrills to keep you entertained. But essentially, it is a nod to indomitable human will, initiative and the thirst to go where no man has gone before.

  • Mission Impossible franchise has gathered a momentum all its own and there’s just no stopping it. MI 6 is something of a cert. The only question on which we are ready to take a bet is how Cruise will try to get himself killed this time.

  • The fact that we are dealing with a superhero and his arch-nemesis who can be swatted away by a badminton paddle keeps things in perspective. An ‘ant hero’ cuts the superhero imagery to size. Rudd and team are not taking his Earth-saving abilities seriously and neither should you. This one is a summer blockbuster that should be treated as such.

  • As Joy and Sadness’ buddy chemistry grows, the film forces us to face us with one essential fact – sometimes we need to embrace blue. Probably a lesson you don’t expect from a Pixar film or in a multiplex but a little bit of soul searching never hurt anybody.

  • Not as good as Jurassic Park, but still dazzles…

  • With the narrative shifting between various dimensions and story shifting gears, the film suffers from uneven storytelling. There are dull periods in between where the action sags and your attention wanders. George Clooney, on whose name the film is being sold, doesn’t really enter the action till very late.

  • Every single shot in the film shows power of his brute imagination, those cinematic touches founded in layers of imagery and high-octane action. Grim yet exhilarating, it may be one of the more powerful movies this year.

    Yeah, it is that kind of a film.

  • It may not be the perfect sequel but it is an epic one.

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