• Pa Ranjith keeps talking of ideologies. Kaala seems to be the personification of his ideas. The dialogue “Ellarum Kaala thaan (Everyone is Kaala),” which comes at the tail end of the film, sums up the entire film. And it takes some serious guts to make an ambiguous and abstract climax like this one in a Rajinikanth film.

  • Making a film about time travel (or anything on sci-fi, for that matter) is like attempting a question in an interview which you don’t know the answer to. The more you blabber, the more you get yourself into trouble. It is better to keep it low, and that’s exactly what Vikram Kumar has done with 24

  • With the right cast and the perfect team, Vamsi has pulled off a decent drama, which retains the soul of the original.

  • If you are ready to overlook the logical blunders, the fat-less movie is sure to entertain.

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