• The film is like any other youth centric film that fails to portray the emotions of friendship and love in a relatable manner. There is less cohesiveness in the story and more often that not one loses interest. Purani Jeans is a fickle attempt to make you relive your college memories. The least you expect in a film aimed at the youth is to have a good music, but Ram Sampath seems to have lost his midas touch as the musical tones rather than uplifting the film make it sink even more. Purani Jeans is passable and I would recommend it only if one has a strong urge or a ‘hunger pang’ to watch a film for the sake of it.

  • Jobs is an average film, that has nothing extraordinary about it besides the name tag of Steve Jobs. With a scantily detailed screenplay which tells a detached story of a charismatic tech giant, this film lacks sharpness, wit and edge-of-the-seat quality. Lacking a crisp storytelling, Steve Jobs who fostered perfection wouldn’t be happy with this film! I am settling for a 2/5 for it.

  • Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke at no cue gives you a reason to watch the film. Garnished with bizarre rococo nonsense, the film is a painful experience. Though veteran actors provide some pleasing benefits, overall the story blabbers on gibberish-ly not giving its audiences any respite from the baloney!

  • Watch Commando for Vidyut Jamwal as he pours his hearts and his brains out to deliver an unmatchable action packed performance, easily establishing himself as the newest contender for the Khiladi tag! But if you aren’t an action fanatic, you might just end up disliking the film, as it does not have anything else to offer.

  • The magical Bromance well fitted in an enigmatic story, enacted to delightful perfection. Kai Po Che culminates into a celebration of good cinema. Watch it for Abhishek Kapoor’s engaging narrative and the power packed performances of the actors.

  • On the whole, Game is a weak film with dull chances.

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