• ‘KLPD’ is loaded with lewd jokes, and double-meaning dialogues. So if you’re not a fan of the birds, bees and bathroom humour, stay away.

  • Our suggestion? Skip it. And save yourself from becoming a bakra.

  • With a bit of truth, a bit of lies, part spoof, part-real, Saurabh Shukla spins this romcom with witty one-liners, few hilarious scenes, good comic timing, a lot energy (sometimes excessive).

  • Debutant director Babul had an interesting premise to start with, but after the first half, the script is more scattered than sorted. Some caricaturish characters, dialogues with local tadka, and few laughable moments save the day. At a time when sex and ‘dirty pictures’ sell, Babul scripts a hero who describes sex as ‘dilon ka milan.’ Ho-hum!.This one had the potential to be an entertainer, but turns out to be a ‘bit-too’ much.

  • After a point, we get the big idea, but the movie continues to preach. And we’re waiting to break away from this ‘timeless’ Sunday-go-round.

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