• Grammatically speaking, ‘The Last Breath’ should be ‘Saans’ and not ‘Saansein’ but that really is the least of our concerns. The saving grace of the movie is a comparatively short running time.

  • Wah Taj aims to put focus on the pitiable conditions of farmers and the devil-may-care approach of the government machinery. The end result, however, is a film that has its heart in the right place but nothing new to offer. A few scenes, like the one in the courtroom, stand out in this otherwise average attempt. You can risk watching it once.

  • You can take your chances with this film. Even if you don’t, there won’t be a lot to have missed this weekend.

  • The Marathi industry makes its share of ridiculous films but it is films like ‘Sairat’ that reinstate the faith in the power of regional films, especially the Marathi ones.

  • ‘Court’ is a film for the thinking viewer and requires you to evaluate scenes using your brains. Those of you who are formulaic film lovers and want to howl and whistle in cinema theatres, please stay away from this one instead of spoiling the experience for others. For people who love meaningful cinema, this is a must watch. Don’t miss the summons!

  • Rarely do filmmakers make a children’s film and that too with such class. After directing the much acclaimed ‘Harishchandrachi Factory’ in 2009, director Paresh Mokashi returns with this amazing tale of a kid who shoulders the responsibility of earning for his family.

  • Some needless scenes apart, ‘Shutter’ is every bit the thriller it promises to be.

  • There are harsh words and scenes in the film but you don’t feel pitiful and that is where Nagraj has scored by getting the message through in a light hearted way without bombarding the viewer with the agony of the characters.

    The film, which has won the critic’s appreciation at various film festivals, is a well crafted one and is a sure shot watch for all those interested in knowing more about the problem of caste discrimination.

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