• The film’s a sparkler, from the word go. From the onset of the adventurous train journey that leaves Mumbai for Bhatinda with its quirky passenger duo of a phataka Kareena and an angry young boy-man Shahid, through the winding mossy ways of the heartland (literally, so), till its final filmy destination, the film’s a warm and stylish voyage that gently carries you along.

  • Story? Do we really need one! Let’s say it’s just a simple cops and robbers tale that ain’t simply done. The thrills, the chills and the testosterone twists will keep you humming: ‘Crazy kiya re!’ Time to take a back seat, Mr Bond. Because Bollywood’s Dhoom is bigger, better and goes beyond…

  • This one is drawn straight from the heartland of middle class India. Maybe that’s why it strikes an instant chord with it’s familiar tale of an ageing man’s dream to invest his savings in a dream house for his family in South Delhi.

  • Too long. Too tedious. And strangely plastic. No, this time, Karan Johar seems to have got the formula somewhat skewed. For unlike his earlier successful celluloid soap operas, the audience doesn’t get to shed any real tears even though the protagonists keep crying. Nope! When it comes to infidelity, Arth still remains the last word in Bollywood. And Silsila the most silken.

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