• …manages to state a point which many Indian kids struggle to explain to their parents – that every relation in addition to love also needs space to grow. In spite of the faults, DDD will definitely manage to bring a smile to your face when you walk out of the theatre. Do watch.

  • NH10 makes an impact on you because the movie stays away from outlandish Bollywood drama – most of the times – and puts forth a day gone wrong situation which could happen to anyone. If you caught yourself looking over your shoulder more than once on the way back home you know this movie made an impact on you.

    Don’t miss this one.

  • Rani’s mardaani Shivani is a close second to Sarfarosh’s Ajay Rathod and that is saying something. In spite of a couple of flaws, this is still a very good movie to have come out in a long time. It’s definitely worth a watch.

  • The gory stuff may be less and the movie is not that scary but the directors have managed to take a genre totally alien to what is dished out to us and make it into something that we would love.

  • Riya Vij is simply adorable as Gippi and there is an earnestness and confidence visible on screen which is pretty commendable for a first timer.

  • f one talks about the other aspects of the film, from music to cinematography, they all seem pretty decent. If this movie works for you it’s because of Paresh and the fresh take at religion. Go watch it. It might be ages since we come across a decent comedy.

  • With movies like Cabin in the Woods around, Raaz 3 seems very silly to say the least. Maybe, if the Bhatts thought further from jaadu-tona, we could get a horror movie which actually does make our spines chill.

  • With a baseline that sounded interesting enough, I was hoping for a more entertaining and enjoyable fare. Although really not that bad as some are making it out to be, there is no doubt that this Joker could have been funnier.

  • Ferrari ki Sawaari assures an entertaining ride throughout although it is more bumpy than it should have been. Nevertheless, such clean, heart tugging movies are fewer to come by which is why I would ask you to not miss it. I am sure the kids will love this Sawaari!

  • It may be a long time until another Shanghai comes out. Don’t miss it.

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