• Amazing storytelling, brilliant performances and music makes Sairat an amazing treat to all movie goers of all ages. While there are scenes where you can have a lot of masti and fun, there are other sequences where you would just want to sit back and ponder over the class and caste issues which we grapple with everyday.

  • Ranveer Singh take a bow! You have ended the year with a BANG. Do not miss this cinematic brilliance at any cost. Book your tickets today.

  • Go, watch this film anyway for this is a very unlikely Hindi film coming your way. It is brilliant how the film manages to balance the deep-shit, intense situations with cool-ass, breezy moments! The film is a must watch for men and women alike.

  • Go watch this film now! But again we must warn you that it is not for the faint hearted. You will get some food for thought after watching it, we gurrantee. Prepare to battle with some uncomfortable questions about your existence later.

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