• Star Wars fans simply dare not miss it, but for the rest, Rogue One is a generic Sci-Fi thriller which doesn’t justify the hype that has been surrounding it these past few weeks.

  • What could have been a taut, world-class thriller fizzles out by the end, much like the carbonated drink one would be guzzling while watching the weekend blockbusters.

  • Had the story been a tad bit crisper, it could have been a breezy masterpiece.

    Still, a fine effort by Shinde and co, with some valuable lessons for modern-day families, who will in all probability, relate to many scenes and perhaps revaluate their relationships. 

  • Bold but not beautiful, dark but not sombre, Leena Yadav seems to have struck gold in the desert on her third attempt, and Parched is a must-watch for all. Having said that, the film is a new direction for Indian cinema.

  • Overall, a fairly decent watch, and not just for the bachelors who love their sports, but a family entertainer, albeit of a different kind.

  • Irrfan Khan fans will go for Madaari regardless, but for the rest, it is a run-of-the-mill popcorn thriller, nothing more unfortunately.

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