• You leave Rush feeling moderately satisfied. It’s a predictable but well executed script that keeps you engrossed quite a bit. Granted the climax is a let down and there are flaws in the screenplay, but the film remains something that is decent one-time watch. Watch it for the performances and the thought-provoking epilogue.

  • Gadhvi’s attempt to please the family crowd doesn’t shine in the manner the audience and he would have hoped. The script doesn’t have anything too novel to offer and in addition to that the screenplay and lead pair aren’t as impressive as they ought to be when you’re trying to impress audiences with a film based essentially on a love story. Film trends are such that releases that can be enjoyed by the entire family are scarce and AGL may just be able to cash in on this scarcity. Don’t walk in with expectations of path breaking or flawless cinema and you may just not be too disappointed.

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