• Music composers Vishal-Shekhar contribute a few foot-tapping numbers to Banjo, but everything else in the film is a drag. Only for Riteish Deshmukh fans. The rest can give Banjo a miss. 

  • This film had the potential to catapult her into an all new league. But given the rather low-intensity drama that moves only in fits and starts, Akira seems unlikely to set the box office on fire and give Sonakshi’s leaner and meaner screen persona a longish lease of life. And that’s a pity.

  • The director of Traffic, one of Malayalam cinema’s big names, died prematurely a little over two months ago. This film is a reminder of what Rajesh Pillai had the potential to achieve had he lived longer.

    But it is not just in the honour of his memory that Traffic should be watched. It is too good a film to be missed.

  • The balance the film achieves is admirable even as it ticks all the right boxes.
    One of the most exciting films of the year by far, Angry Indian Goddesses deserves the support of all those who like their cinema to look for fresh thematic pastures and narrative approaches.

  • The hideous visages of these creatures might give the fainthearted sleepless nights. Mercifully, Insidious 3 adopts a pro-life values in its stand against suicide and its extolment of family.Most important, it has good winning against evil.

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