• But even as the actors perform with conviction, other departments of filmmaking let SOS down. In particular to blame are the writers. For a film that advocates the line, “sardaar pe joke karna par use joker mat samajhna” (Joke on a Sardaar but don’t treat him like a Joker) the film goes on to present its protagonist (a Sardaar) and most characters in the same light. Comedy is more than just gags and slapstick. Sadly SOS gets it wrong.

  • While the film is generally feel-good, Sameer Sharma could’ve done a much better job. Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana is a small film that serves up a decent dose of entertainment. It’s like comfort food. Rich in nutrition, easy-to-eat but light on the masala.

  • That the story holds weight also works in favour of the film. If only Advani had not strayed from the social subject and made a tighter and breezier film. Watch this with your kids and you’re guaranteed smiles all the way.

  • The fact that this film has 10 songs proves that the filmmakers had no faith in their own story. They’ve tried to lace it up and sell it like a commercial potboiler. But this film isn’t worthy of even that title. The future looks bleak for all those who worked in this film and for those who would want to watch it under the marketing lure of winning a diamond pendant.

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