• …the film is adequate. It’s sometimes slapstick, sometimes emotional, and funny at times. All in all though, the ambitiously-titled Epic is in fact anything but epic.

  • This formulaic comedy of errors won’t make you laugh out loud but it doesn’t bore you either.

  • Scenes are needlessly stretched and some situations, overly dramatised. The idea and intention behind this film was probably sound, but the execution falls far short of what this movie could actually have turned out to be.

  • If you want to grab a fresh flavour, this one is worth a ‘shot’.

  • There are science fiction films that deal with the subject of time travel and then there is Looper, which comes across as refreshingly original as well as entertaining, with a story full of interesting twists. Notwithstanding the flash and slick visuals, director Rian Johnson always keeps the storyline to the fore. Events are explained in a fairly simple manner as the plot smoothly unfolds. The film will leave you satisfied and entertained after one watch. And there’s a pretty good chance you’d want to watch it again.

  • The plot of this South African film is needlessly complicated and the dialogues, too many. The surfeit of characters clutters the film and makes the pace plod at times, despite the relatively short running time. The animations look quite dull and not smooth enough, like a dated video game. This one’s fairly ho-hum.

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