• For a movie with such an interesting subject, this one unfortunately doesn’t make the grade.

  • …the biggest letdown is the wafer-thin plot and some silly dialogues marring an otherwise decent story.
    Partly based on the BBC’s 1999 TV documentary mini-series bearing the same name, the only thing that works best for this film is the successful melding of CGI dinosaurs in live-action landscape settings.

  • Makarand Deshpande’s kooky cop character is genuinely funny, but corny lines aside, one of Jackpot’s few redeeming factors here is that it moves along quickly.

  • The film has graphic violence and perversion, but there is no take-away. It leaves you trying to nail down what the point to this remake really was.

  • A promising plot like this could have offered you a full course, yet what you’re served is diet fare at best.

  • The only thought that this film might provoke is to make you wonder what Sandler and gang were thinking when they made this.

  • By and large, grossly underwhelming for a movie that could have delivered so much more.

  • All said and done however, while there is nothing disagreeable about this movie, there’s nothing very remarkable about it either.

  • Films are conceived with an idea. In this case, it should probably have been left as one because its execution leaves much to be desired.

  • There are menacing moments and the editing is taut but this stays in cliche territory; it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. The film suffers from a lack of ambition. After Earth aims for interstellar overdrive but barely manages to take off.

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