• These stories deserve the spotlight more than ever before, given the tinderbox India is sitting on currently after the Pulwama attack. But RAW chooses to tell the other, more populist side of the story. Though that is completely the makers’ choice, one wishes they would have not given up on nuance while translating the popular sentiment into a half-baked spy thriller.

  • There’s little to recommend in this hackneyed reboot…

  • With so much going for it, we’re pretty willing to overlook the weak moments in SPECTRE — of which there are quite a few.

  • Crimson Peak is a story of ghosts, both real and metaphorical. Its flaw is that the “real” ones are far more fascinating than the “metaphorical” ones. The most compelling films in the horror genre have humans who’re at least as interesting as the ghosts they’re haunted by, if not more. InCrimson Peak, that sadly, isn’t the case.

  • Ricki and the Flash is let down by a schmaltzy, too-pat climax. Most of the final sequence feels almost forced — like the director and the writer had to check certain boxes: 1. Emotional redemption for Ricki and her children, check. 2. Pair everybody off happily with partner, check. 3. Ensure Ricki ‘saves’ the day and gets to be the heroine, check.

  • Pitch Perfect 2 may go off key on the comedy, but on the a capella, it hits all the right notes.

  • …is a pleasant enough depiction of passion, if not a deep rumination on the perils of eternal youth.

  • Towards the end of the film, we see our hero making a breathless dash though the airport, as he’s trying to find Her. He notes to himself that what he’s really doing is trying to outrun a cliché. Well, Playing It Cool doesn’t manage to outrun any of those clichés it attempts to satirise. What a pity.

  • Jupiter Ascending then, is a missed opportunity for the Wachowskis—and a missed opportunity for viewers.

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