• This movie is a win. Whether you choose to watch it in 2D or 3D or IMAX is a choice I leave to you. Whether you choose to watch it at all is a choice Evolution has already made, and this review is not going to influence it one bit. You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to be sucked in by the movie’s magnificence. However, if you are not a Star Wars fan then you should re-look at the direction your life has taken.

  • The movie is much more than about the homecoming of an NRI. It is about his transformation, about the catharsis of emotions that floods his mind when he feels his insignificance in the face of a seemingly insurmountable mountain, and about his desire to bring about change. It is about those little drops of water making the ocean or the little grains of sand that make the land…It takes conviction in one’s belief to make a movie like this, to swim against the tide so to say. Gowarikar does it magnificently while sending a message across – stand up and be counted or stand down and be counted out.

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