• On the whole, Son of Sardaar is an unapologetic Bollywood entertainer that promises a few laughs.

  • A socio-political thriller set in the country’s red corridor where Maoist insurgents oppose industrialisation because it leads to the displacement of the tribal population, Chakravyuh has its heart in the right place. Jha has once again woven fictional elements and characters with real incidents and people to present a film that touches the right chords.

  • Despite some absurd situations, Makkhi entertains in a way only South Indian films do – through heavy doses of maar-dhaad, filmi dialogues and comic relief. Kannada superstar Sudeep plays the bad guy well and the animated makkhi is decent too. Worth a watch for the new-age Indian hero who may be tiny but has lofty ideas.

  • Well-crafted and compelling.

  • Worth a watch only if you like your thrills and chills served with a side dish of emotional drama and the promise of more terror along the way.

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