• That The Shape of Water has 13 Oscar nominations indicates that the love story largely floats above the problems with the film — buoyed to a large extent by a timorous, luminous, powerful Sally Hawkins.

  • The trenchant Christian Bale, always an actor who can make everything he does seem important but remote, struggles to portray a battle-hardened Captain of the Union army.

  • This Daniel Day-Lewis starrer is visually delightful…With Daniel Day-Lewis declaring Phantom Thread to be his last film, it adds a secondary layer of sadness to this story about an artiste learning to “take it easy”.

  • The 15:17 to Paris isn’t really an original Eastwood story. But it’s easy to see what would attract him to this real-life tale about three ordinary Americans, two of them off-duty soldiers, foiling a possible terror attack aboard a train in 2015.

  • The Death Cure can’t really explore this to any great length given the limitations in which it operates, and given that at least twice, it has to turn to cranes or helicopters to lift a train coach and bus full of children out of harm’s way as a plot turner.
    Still, as this franchise too winds to a close, some marks to it for trying.

  • After a lot of fighting and punching, little of which has got to do with why this story was set on a train, the film makes its way towards a conclusion that many would have long guessed.

  • …this is a film about back-thumping American heroes, who volunteer for war seeing the WTC towers go down, after saying weepy goodbyes to dutiful wives and children, and remain good, unquestioning people at heart miles away in enemy territory.

  • Darkest Hour can’t avoid comparisons with The Crown, where John Lithgow’s Churchill reluctantly confronts mortality, and faces questions regarding own leadership. Several actors from the Netflix series pop up here in crucial/similar roles.

  • Rarely has a film about life seemed less life-like. Waltz in his half-demonic wide smile does stir some motion, but more and more of his roles now seem a parody of the original in Inglourious Basterds.

  • Tom Hanks turns in another impressive performance, more impressive for often being just one of the many men in smoke-filled newsrooms. But it is Meryl Streep who just steals the show from right under their noses.

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