• A beautifully presented story about loving and losing, `HDDCS` does remind you of the Anil -Padmini-Naseer starrer `Woh Saat Din` but there is definitely more to the film. The music by first timer Ismail Darbar is praiseworthy and fitting to the various moods of the story. The placement of the title song is extremely well done.Salman Khan is utterly loveable as the fun loving but devoted Sameer, while Ajay Devgan seems perfect as the reserved but honest Vanraj.

    However the film belongs to Aishwarya Rai, who has been presented brilliantly by the director and has done a good job, finally. She`s the best choice for the mischievous, fun filled Nandini with the spark and the Nandini who feels that life has gone out of her.

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