• The free-flowing enchantment induced by this film about the simmering discontent of a nation and a generation hurling into damnation is so real and yet so surreal, you wonder if there can ever be a film so filled with indignant ideas and yet so calm and spacious in its storytelling.

  • Socha Na Tha is an endearing effort to give a virgin twist to the boy-meets-girl theme. And though Abhay Deol is not quite the new dude to watch out for he does hint at a talent that could emerge in the future.
    At a time when the old guard is collapsing in a hysterical heap we can only be thankful for the gift of freshness albeit designer-freshness.

  • “Swades” is a unique experiment with grassroots realism. It is so politically correct in its propagandist message that initially you wonder if the government of India funded the director’s dream.

  • Old yet passionate, frail yet sublime, the estranged lovers in Yash Chopra’s film are no ordinary love birds. Their body language, demeanour, speech and attitude hark back to an era when emotions were hallmarks of human nature, not designer things to be used as and when required in bubblegum concoctions that masquerade as romantic musicals in our wretched times.

  • Garm Hawa is not just a cinematic experience. It is much more. It is a treatise on life’s most precious emotions. Unfiltered, raw and still hurting.

    These are wounds that never healed.

    And never will.

  • To come across a film with so many talented actors all under one roof is a delightful experience. Chal Bhaag is one of those hectically plotted adventure stories where the fast flowing fund of ideas and words indicate the presence of minds that understand the grammar of commercial cinema.

  • The fun part of ‘Policegiri’ is that no one, not even director K. Ravi Kumar, seems to take the proceedings seriously. Even when gruesome killings happen, they are done in the spirit of a comic-book caper where the hero has forgotten his cape home and he certainly doesn`t wear his underwear on top of his khakee pants.

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