• Hidden Figures feels lightweight while saying things about the way women specially of a particular skin-tone, are treated at workplaces.Like the 3 heroines who break the shackles of their destiny to emerge triumphant this film remains  happy at heart even when sadness seems constantly around the corner.

  • This is a rom.com with a  dot between the ‘rom’ and  ‘com’ reminding us that the traditional romantic comedy has come a long way.

    And dot’s the whole truth.

  • The Ghazi Attack Looks Patriotic But Mediocre…

  • If only Jolly LLB 2 didn’t fumble at crucial plot points. Awkwardness sits on the proceedings.

  • Kung Fu Yoga is one wild wacky goofy adventure saga . It isn’t fodder for the intellect. But it sure as hell  is a lot of fun.

  • For all its faults Alif must be seen for its strong message on the importance of formal education for every child ,even if it means offending some who would rather have the young imprisoned in ignorance. Light, says the film, is life.For this message alone Alif deserves a round of applause.

  • If you are in the mood for Chinese feud try Kung Fu Yoga instead.At least Jackie Chan doesn’t take himself seriously.

  • Nawazuddin Redeems This Flawed Saga Of Gangsterism…

  • See Haraamkhor for its original and audacious content and for the way the debutant director extracts a  gush of empathy from these bored characters even during their worst moments. Love, we always knew, as redemptive. But lust needn’t be all bad either.

  • Ok Jaanu is  far superior to the original Mani Ratnam film . Visually rich and textured to accommodate words and emotions in beautiful places in the heart, this is a tender and seductive return to form for a director who had lost his way, like Charutala in  Ok Jaanu.

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