• Menon is not impatient to tell Roshan Kalra’s story. The narrative’s pace in unhurried  but never dull.

  • Bhoomi could have been a much greater achievement  if it had avoided all the familiar stereotypes of  rape-and-revenge dramas.

  • I would call  it a tour de force but for the abject absence of flamboyance in the presentation.

  • This is an brave and  bright film with its heart in the right place and its gaze refreshingly free of a gender bias fixed firmly at  the crotch level.

  • Our thoughts exactly as we  go from a feeling of watching a cleverly constructed film to  a sense of over-constructed but  nevertheless engaging spry spy comedy.

  • Not every movie experience has to be motivated by a socio-political purpose. Sometimes you just need to have fun at the movies. I had loads of it last night in Mubarakan, one of the craziest homages to airheadeness in recent years.

  • Ignore the cynical readings of this enchanting excursion into an anti-war film. Just go and watch Salman Khan embracing Gandhism with  heartbreaking earnestness . This is filmmaking at the opposite end of what Ram Gopal Varma makes.

  • This  is film that THINKS itself incredibly clever and cocky.  In actuality it is just a woefully tacky Dhoom ripoff with characters who seem to have watched the dubbed Bhojpuri version of Oceans 11 at least 11 times.

  • Raabta is fun most of the way.If only Jim had loosened up and had as much  as  Sushant and Sanon.

  • Hindi Medium is a well-told parable of middleclass aspirations, scattered with moments that every parents would recognize with a combination of pleasure and dread. It is a  solid weekend entertainer with a message for every parent who has ever suffered the traumatic jitters  of  preparing to get a child admitted  into school.

    Hindi Medium has  balls and long legs. Should go a long way.

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