• The climax  at a wedding where everyone is shooting at each other seems  to go out of control. But otherwise director Prashant Singh does  an admirable  job of controlling the riot of raucus sounds and flamboyant  visuals.

  • Zero works  . It celebrates  incompleteness as  no other movie in any language has ever done. Like the  film, BauaaSingh  isn’t afraid to fail. He has the great  immortal Sridevi telling him it’s okay to fail. I couldn’t ask for more. Can you?

  • 102 Not Out teaches us to find that one rare moment of truth that binds two people  together even if they are not meant to be together  for keeps. It’s another matter that this father-son pair is for keeps. You will take them home with you. Full guarantee!

  • This is a film that left me in a ruminative after-shock. How can any film so violent be so gentle and calming?

  • Neeraj Pandey is no Costa-Gavras. But for our hard-earned bucks this filmmaker drives in a forceful message on subterfuge in the the defence hierarchy better than any Indian filmmaker.One day I hope to see him do a film on Bofors and then the Rafel deal to complete his defence trilogy.

  • Padmaavat is  a work of illimitable splendor. The 3D format seems quite an unnecessary grandeur-enhancement device. When we  already have  so much to savour and imbibe why hanker for  more? This is a film so inured in irradiance and so steeped in splendor you will come away from  the experience exhilarated and satiated.

    This is  a movie so epic in proportion it stands tall among the great  films of all time about love and war  . In Bhansali, we have  our own David Lean.Padmavati proves it.

  • The Darkest Hour never quite expels  the  feeling of being a vehicle for Oldman’s virtuosity. Yes, he was born to play Churchill. But was Churchill born so that an actor as skilled as Oldman  could one day play him ?

  • Vodka Diaries is not a great suspense drama  when compared with theHitchcockian  tradition  . God knows, the genre has not been  much explored in Bollywood. Still in its infancy the whodunit gets a rather likable shake-up on this occasion . Vodka Diaries  stays true to  the path of  deception and betrayal that the suspense genre adapts and makes some sharp swings into  the unexpected towards the end.

  • Donwsizing tries to elevate the process  of shrinking human beings by imbuing a  moral edification to the process of shrinking humans physically. Sorry, I saw no joy in becoming smaller to save humanity.How  about saving us  from having to watch such joyless excursions  into  La la Land?

  • As  the narrative progresses  it acquires  the  personality of  a tightly-wound entity coiling and recoiling  into shapes of tenderness and  venom.Mukkabaaz is a different  more balanced and  less unsettled beast than any  film Kashyap has made.  While all his recent films portrayed the dark ugly sinister  underbelly  of mofussil  existence this time , just this  once, the director has allowed  himself to explore the  tricky relationship between love and violence with gentle care. This is  the director’s  most sensitive  film to date. It hits a hard punch. And not just in the  boxing ring.

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