• Sadly the stylish packaging and striking cinematography remain unsupported by the plot and characters. Neither are interesting or dangerous enough to be endearing in their immorality.

    Sorry, it just doesn’t add up.

  • The journey here is absolutely bereft of drama, excitement, surprise and ultimate satisfaction. One doesn`t know if debutant director Joe Rajan meant the central romance to be so linear, languorous and shockproof. But that`s the way it is.

  • On the journey to Khosla’s happy ending we encounter characters who seem like our next-door neighbours… Khosla’s Sardarji friend, the cunning tout who cheats Khosla, the actor who ‘plays’ Navin Nishchol’s PA, the stage actress who smokes her way though the plot to hoodwink Boman… every character seems like someone you’ve met in that long and cumbersome journey of life which we all have to go through.

    Thank God for stopovers like KHOSLA KA GHOSLA.

  • Is DOR one of the most poignant films in recent times? Most probably it is. When it comes to portraying a forlorn yet undefeated sisterhood it stands tall and stately right up there with Deepa Mehta’s WATER.

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