• Suicide Squad is an ensemble action movie in the vein of The Dirty Dozen and Inglourious Basterds: unpretentious, irreverent, perverse and unexpectedly moving. It has little of the sentimentalism and pretentiousness of recent superhero movies like Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War, and like Guardians of the Galaxy it points the way forward for a less conventional outing in the genre.

  • The BFG is probably “minor Spielberg” but this is still a warm and a happy movie for the whole family with amazing special effects, and a movie that is as light as it is unpretentious.

  • Finding Dory is not as ambitious as Finding Nemo and lacks some of the magic of the first film. Despite this, it is still an emotional and heartwarming movie, and it’s also filled with clever humorous gags and visual feats.

  • . This version of The Jungle Book is a brilliant and beautiful evocation of the time when everything was bigger than us, when the natural world seemed to be full of wonders and where almost every new animal species, whose picture and presence we glimpsed, was an adventure in and of itself. This film is a brilliant fantasy for the whole family to see, reviving one of the great classics for a new generation.

  • This is a spy movie for adults, where individuals don’t stand for themselves but for larger invisible forces we can’t see that exist implicitly in each interaction. This focus on the institution and process shatters any claim of inherent nobility to diplomacy as a profession.

  • The Walk is in some sense an old-fashioned adventure movie. It can be seen by the whole family, it is narrated by the hero from the Statue of Liberty (appropriate because that was a gift by France to America) and it switches between ‘60s France and early ‘70s America. It’s a movie with some amount of melancholy but mostly it’s about human endeavour and friendships. It’s about giving thanks.

  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is enjoyable fun, filled with likeable and charismatic lead roles and a good mix of humour, action and suspense. It’s a genre film that embraces its limits to the extent that it becomes its strength.

  • Ultron is a work of agile craftsmanship from the cast and crew. As a director, Whedon has a good ear for dialogue and timing, and the film is a competent work of entertainment that is as satisfying as any work in this genre can be.

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