• Gang of Ghosts is an absolute disaster and a golden example of how handing over creative control of your story to somebody else can be a bad idea.

  • A complete mess of an interesting premise, Total Siyapaa ends up being so unbearable that, at the press screening, several journalists made for the exit before the credits started rolling. It is with equal haste and enthusiasm that the cast and crew should leave this film behind as they move on to newer and better projects. The silver lining: film’s under two hours.

  • Ajab Gazabb Love is an extremely dated film, one that requires the complete suspension of logic, disbelief and high standards of humour. Now all you need to do is ask yourself: Is this what you go to the movies for?

  • Chakravyuh is, ultimately, a victim of typical Bollywood excesses. A little more subtlety, a little less jingoism, and it might have worked better.

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