• Sai Kumar has spent lot of amount to showcase his son Aadi in a mass oriented role. But, it did not work out well. The film could not achieve the aspired success, due to lack of story and disappointing screenplay.

  • The film has garnered mixed reviews from the audience. The film is neither bad nor good. First half of the film runs on dull note, with a promising second half. Slight comedy, pinch of craziness and a big gang of kidnappers, last but not the least Anjali’s Munni role make the film to stand on an average mode, without falling below.

  • Even though, Cheekati Rajyam is not exceptional, it makes for an engaging watch.

  • One can watch “Rough” to see Aadi as a action hero and killer onscreen chemistry of Aadi and Rakul Preet. But, if one loves to see Rakul’s glamour, they are in the form of songs on Youtube. If one wants to listen to Aadhi’s dialogues, they are available as teasers. There is no point to rush to theatres to watch a boring drama that kills our time. On the whole, ‘Rough’ is an average mass entertainer.

  • The film disappoints Varun. Pch! If the storyline is like that, how could it bring a different result to Varun. This week many films have been issued. If the audiences want to choose one among them, then take this film quite lightly.

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