• The movie appears ‘raw’ at many instances and one only wishes that it was cooked better.

    Robbie tries hard to make RAW like Raazi, but doesn’t quite get it.

  • What could have been an extraordinary movie fails to hit the mark…

  • Namaste England drags after a point.

    You neither sympathise with the actors nor empathise with them.

    I won’t recommend you to go through this one.

  • The terrible acting leaves you more amused than scared.

  • If I had to summarise the film in one sentence, it would be, ‘Is shaadi mein mat jaana (Don’t attend this wedding)!’

  • Despite its relevant premise, Ribbon fails to leave an impact.

    Though the movie piques your interest in bits and pieces, especially in the second half, the abrupt end will leave you disappointed.  

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