• Apparently, Marvel is obsessed with making “Fun” movies where they forget the things like “story” and “character development”. You know what it doesn’t matter because the movie is FUN.

    November 06, 17
  • Udta Punjab is directed by Abhishek Chaubey is riveting with three style narrative for the first half of the movie. It’s bold and really has shown the truth about drugs mafia and it’s effect on youth in punjab. The best character of this movie for me is Sartaj singh, his character has good arc and he is the one who we can root for. Diljith Dosanjh is the stand out performer of this movie and the rest of the cast has done good job. This film loses it’s steam in the second half and the movie becomes over the top with romance and the sloppy relationship between alia bhatt and shahid kapoor. There is an over the top acting scene between Alia and Shahid which is painful to watch and there is a back story for Alia which we don’t care due to the poor writing. On the whole Udta Punjab is a good movie but easily forgettable with deformed narrative and some over the top performances.

    June 23, 16
  • X-MEN APOCALYPSE is the new x-men movie directed by Brian Singer from the director of The Usual Suspects,X-1,X-2 and Days of future past. I was very excited to see this movie because of it’s incredible trailer which is the best trailer of 2016. Let’s talk about Magneto everything about Magneto is excellent he is the most strongest character in the film and the forest scene of Magneto is the best scene of the entire film. Michael Fassbender as Magneto knocked out of the park and James Mcavoy is very good too. The movie is fragmented it combines threads slowly throughout the movie. Climax of the film is one of the best endings of this year, the action is great,the cerebral fight is superb and even the ending explained the whole movie . “But does that mean the movie is great?” No sir, the apocalypse is a let down in this movie.The movie failed to display the character of Apocalypse properly and there is some stuff in the film which is unnecessary. This movie is about the congregation of X-MEN it would have been better if the movie focused on it properly the setup for the film is unconvincing. The movie looks jumbled sometimes and it takes so much time building up different threads but the movie wasted it’s time in doing so because it doesn’t focus on the story as Batman V Superman did. We don’t know the character of Psylocke’s character at all even though she is a character in the film. I understood what the movie is planning to do but the setup is not properly done. Don’t get me wrong this movie is no bad it’s an average superhero movie with spectacular climax with weak setup and poor villian. Magneto is THE BEST thing in the film. On the whole it’s an entertaining movie but not as good as CIVIL WAR or BVS.

    May 20, 16
  • Captain America:Civil War is directed by incredible Russo brothers who directed The Winter Soldier. Civil war looked like a different movie from all other marvel movies, it’s interesting and engaging. Chris Evans as Captain america is good once again the character of Captain america is very well written and his ideologies and character moments worked perfectly. Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man knocked out of the park his internal conflict is very well executed and RDJ gave a very powerful and more matured performance. Coming to the action sequences they are well executed and it’s worth our buck. The scripting is very well done especially the first 70 mins of the film is simply fantastic the screenplay is very unpredictable and even the characters like Bucky, Black panther and Zemo the villian shined in this film not because of their coolness but due to their grounded characterizations.The dialogues are very good and the humor worked very well. This is where i had the problem with this movie i thought humor in this movie is not so balanced, every joke worked perfectly but i think it changed the tone at the pre-climax of film. The airport fight scene is great but it worked just on the level of spectacle rather than human level. The teaming up of superheroes is very rushed and i don’t know why hawkeye fights! Spiderman is good but i think that he distracted the movie slightly.The movie redeems itself with it’s spectacular climax. On the whole Civil war is very good movie but it could have been a great film. It’s bang our buck.

    May 08, 16
  • 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE is a Sci-Fi Psychological thriller directed by debutante Dan Trachtenberg. This is a self contained spine chilling thriller movie, the tension built up excellently and big appreciation goes to the director who has done a marvelous job.Coming to the performances Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s acting is great and even her character is perfectly fleshed out. John Goodman is the show stealer of the movie, he is creepy and his character is so ambiguous which raises many questions in our head. This movie is perfectly directed with great intensified scenes and the other great thing about this movie is it’s ambiguity.This movie leaves you thinking after the end of the film, many people had problems with the movie at climax but i didn’t because some times people have to ruminate the film to understand why the film maker did that way. The whole movie happens in the perspective of Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I had tiny problems with the movie like i felt that the movie could have another thrilling scene and the character decision of John Gallagher, Jr. at the end of film made me think “Whaaat!”On the whole 10 Cloverfield Lane is an excellent movie and it’s a must watch movie.

    April 29, 16
  • The biggest positive from this movie is the acting of Sharukh khan who gave an incredible performance.His performance as the fan called Gaurav is excellent. The idea of the conflict between a Fan and Star was good and this movie entertaining at times. The second half of the movie is a let down and the climax is ridiculous.I liked the idea of a FAN being a creepy-Psychotic guy but i think writers didn’t flesh out the dark side of his character properly. The movie loses it’s logics in the second half and it becomes redundant becoming a slave to typical bollywood movies with chase sequences which weren’t engaging at all. This movie could have been a very good movie if it had concentrated more on it’s characters and handling the psychological battle between Fan and a Star. I hated the climax of the movie because it doesn’t make any sense and even the run time of the film felt long.Fan could have been a great movie but unfortunately it isn’t.

    April 15, 16
  • Batman V Superman :Dawn of Justice is directed by Sir Zack Snyder starring Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman. There are some movies like ENEMY,DRIVE,SHINING,ONLY GOD FORGIVES which won’t appeal to most people during it’s release because of it’s high content and complete offbeat treatment.I never ever expected this kind of approach for a Superhero movie but Zack Snyder did it with DAWN OF JUSTICE, we have to thank the film makers for their bold approach. This movie completely drenches you in this atmosphere they created and the cinematography by Larry Fong is fantastic.The Script by David.S.Goyer and Chris terrio is excellent,there are many threads(subplots) in the movie which feels cohesive.This movie is not about Batman and Superman fighting this is political drama the movie is about what happens if the god is on earth and how the people receive it. The relationship between Batman and Superman worked perfectly and there are dream sequences in the movie which tells the story visually without a lot of exposition . I am loving this movie more and more as i think more of it and Jessi Eisenberg as lex luthor’s character is creepy and will scared me. The score by Hans Zimmer and Junkie Xl is extraordinary. But i had very small issues like the climax’s CGI and i thought the movie could have been 10 minutes longer for exposing superman’s character after a disastrous incident. The character arc of Batman makes sense and it becomes a reason for forming justice league.At the end of the movie you have to ruminate the movie because we are accustomed to simple plotted exposition heavy movies and it definitely haunts your brain and heart,this movie will be sitting as a tumor in your heart we can’t forget this movie. Many critics are panning this movie i can understand that but do you remember STANLEY KUBRICK’S THE SHINING was also panned by many critics during the release and slowly it found it’s audience and considered as MASTERPIECE.On the whole BATMAN V SUPERMAN is one of the greatest movies i have ever seen in my life and i will be watching it again.

    March 25, 16
  • Perfomance of Ryan Reynolds and meta humour made Deadpool a pretty good movie

    February 26, 16
  • Gods of Egypt is an Egyptian fantasy movie directed by Alex Proyas starring 300’s fame Gerard Butler.There are 2 scenes in the movie which are kind of entertaining.That’s all about the positives this is one of the worst movies of 2016.The script was dead weak,we don’t care about the characters and even we don’t care about the movie itself.The romance didn’t work at all even Gerarad Butler’s acting was shockingly bad.Brenton Thwaites was the main weakling of this movie his acting as well as his character itself is a big let down.This movie is completely boring even the CGI looks atrocious!despite of it’s huge 140million$ budget.This movie is made lazily on a green screen .The writing,visuals and acting never felt Organic.Gods of Egypt is a very bad movie which is completely opposite to the Revenant movie i have seen this morning.I suggest don’t waste your time watching this watch Revenant instead.

    February 26, 16
  • The Revenant directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu is a masterpiece which balances the visuals as well as the story.The interrelation between the bear,Glass and a Red-Indian tribe has been brilliantly portrayed by it’s storytelling.There are several visual metaphors and very strong themes on nature and god which sticks with you.Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki has done more than a brilliant job because this movie is the most visually stunning film i have ever seen.If we think Avatar and Lord of the rings has beautiful visuals then this surpasses them and pushes the boundaries of film making.The great thing about the cinematography in this movie is it’s not only beautiful but also it plays a major role in film for telling a story and nature itself is a character.Leo’s performance was great and the emotional scenes between Hugh Glass and his son gave much more momentum to it.Director Alejandro González Iñárritu gave back to back masterpieces Birdman and The Revenant and the director once again deserves an Oscar.

    February 26, 16