• Disclaimer: I don’t write reviews mostly. I’ll usually just give my ratings and keep my mouth shut but this movie. Damn. I’m not going to be a critic and use unnecessary big words to keep it simple.
    I’m going to start with the mindset an average person has while going to watch any Bollywood movie. It’s not like you’re expecting much. It seemed a little different if you ignore the “daredevil” aspect of it.
    Hritik and yami play blind couple. Now the film focuses on that aspect a lot. Nothing against it but we get it, blind peeps are capable of doing stuff. Now it’s just pushing it when you make them dance like pros 30 mins in, everyone knows Hritik is a good dancer but seriously?
    Now two songs in, they both are madly in love but then the world takes a giant crap on them cause Bollywood, rape, corruption. They all go perfectly together since the 90s. she gets raped. No one takes her seriously cause shes blind and people bad cliché.
    2 days in, after the rape she commits suicide. Plot twist is she got raped again. Same guys. The director runs out of ideas pretty soon I see.
    Long story short, Hritik seeks Revenge, no one would help him cause corruption and politics, obviously. That’s the topic Bollywood jerk offs too.
    Now the part which probably tricked all the audience to watch this pile of cringe. How does a blind man take Revenge? What tricks are going to be involved? What great plans this mind would pull off to keep the audience on the edge? You would think this movie is going to pull off some “fifth element” plot twists. WRONG. he calls them to different places cause he’s an amazing voice actor and kills them. Cause Bollywood. At least daredevil gave us a story about some chemical crap which made the protagonist strong.
    I can go on about goofs, clichés and basically the idea of how moronic the writing is but if I waste more time thinking about this movie, they’ve won

    January 27, 17
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    January 27, 17
  • Great super hero from bollywood

    December 03, 16
  • IF you believe that you have seen the best of srk think again. This movie will rock your world upside down and it will make you wonder how come an actor can make you fall in love with him every time he perform in a movie.
    the story, full staff of the movie every thing to the smallest details has been crafted as an unforgettable master piece that will live in the hearts and thoughts of audience for years and years to come. srk has raised the bar again giving all other actors and film makers a level that is hard to reach.
    As for the movie and the story i believe the best thing to do is for you to just watch it. personally when i got out of the movie theater i felt like to buy another ticket and get back to see it again that’s how attached and obsessed i came with this movie. if you want your life to be rocked go see it.

    December 03, 16
  • Seeing Shah Rukh Khan in this kind of typical bollywood entertainer film is kinda surprising but let me tell you guys – he has done it !
    Rohit Shetty, the director, did a great job. He has always been known of this special genre of films in bollywood if I am not wrong and has lived up to the expectations in a ‘better’ way I would say.
    Music overall is a bit let down in the sense that bollywood audience love the singers’ voice and flow of the song, not exactly the ‘music’ part of the songs. But technically this is really another best part of the movie and people will realize it while watching the movie. Songs fit with the situation and flow of the story.
    Nikiten, Sathyaraj and other supporting actors did lend a good support to the film and script.
    Deepika is just ‘outstanding’. This is one movie where I would say that an actress went ahead of a male actor in overall performance. South Indian language, accent, expressions, confidence and of course the chemistry with Shah Rukh Khan – everything brilliant !
    I would go with 4.5/5

    December 03, 16
  • One 2 Ka 4 is an awesome movie! It has everything one could ask for… action, comedy, romance; One 2 Ka 4 has it all!
    Juhi was so funny throughout the entire movie, especially in the beginning like when she accidentally sticks a fork into Shahrukh’s hand, it left me laughing like crazy! Juhi did an excellent job playing her role. It amazed me how she “transformed” from an over talkative Punjabi girl, to club dancer to an undercover cop! Even Shahrukh shined throughout the film!
    As for the songs, I’d have to say One 2 Ka 4 has a very interesting soundtrack. This film offers a wide variety of music ranging from a romantic number like “Sona Nahi Na Sahi” to a catchy dance number like “Osaka Muraiya.” One 2 Ka 4’s soundtrack is beyond amazing!
    I really wonder why critics considered One 2 Ka 4 a “flop” and put it down so much? I think One 2 Ka 4 is a totally cool movie and far from being boring!
    Overall, One 2 Ka 4 deserves a 10/10!!!

    December 03, 16
  • I sat spell bound this afternoon in a theater. It was great. In my opinion a 10 for my expectations. For the first time I never wondered where the fast forward button was on the movie.
    My opinion of the Kareena Kapoor changed completely. You have to see it to believe it. She is sexy! It’s a 3 hour film. But it holds ones attention very well. SRK is a great villain as usual. Although they hint several times in the movie what the out come will be, until you reach the end it’s not fully disclosed. There’s one scene that is similar to a James Bond scene. The only thing is that the bad guy isn’t Jaws and he doesn’t land on a circus tent. It really is fun to watch on the big screen. Don’t miss it. – And for those who have seen the first DON, SRK and Big B are different artists. They do things differently.

    December 03, 16
  • I watched Pardes about 3 days ago. It was midnight and I had no wish to see a movie which was three hours long. I was going to only see about the first 30 minutes of it but this movie was so good that I watched it all the way through.
    Many reviewers have said that this film is ‘Anti-American’ propaganda and ‘stereotypes’ NRIs. As an NRI myself, I must greatly DISAGREE with conclusions like these. This movie is nothing short of a masterpiece.
    The exaggerations of Indian morals and of western vices are done for a reason, and a very good reason at that. The director shows the audience the best of India and the worst of America to make the viewer appreciate the Indian culture our parents try to impart to us. Granted, there are some lines that the American ‘bad son’ (Rajiv) says which are ridiculous and comical, such as:
    —————————————————————- Paul: We are going to India? To fight? Rajiv: Yes. Paul: But that is not right. Rajiv: Why? Paul: We are not bad people Rajiv, we are good Indians. Rajiv: (While shaking his head) But I am bad, Paul! —————————————————————–
    In all candor, I don’t know of any Americans who speak like this (or of any other human beings for that matter). The movie has hyperbole like this throughout it. However, let us put all the cards on the table at this point…..
    I know for a fact that many NRIs look upon their homeland with disdain. They won’t even visit it, much less want to stay there. But guess what? This movie isn’t aimed at that audience. It is aimed at Indians who have not forgotten that without the culture imparted by their motherland, they would never be as successful, nor have the extended families we take for granted. Basically, if you’re an ABCD or an NRI with little attachment to India, you won’t enjoy this movie, probably because many immigrants adopt the ways of the denizens (just human nature to do so I suppose).
    Lastly: I’m going to be starting medical school next year and I’ll definitely be taking this movie with me. If I should forget who I am……what I am…..I know that I can watch this film and remember. A Hindustani

    December 03, 16
  • What a great flick, my God! This film, directed by Mansoor Khan, is a action romance about two rival gangs, one led by Shahrukh Khan (Eagles) and the other by Sharad Kapoor (Bichoo).
    They detest each other and constantly engage in violent street fights. The story focuses mainly on Khan’s gang and centers mostly around his and Aishwarya Rai’s characters. The two star as two Christian twins, Max and Shirley, who love each other very much. Soon comes Sharad Kapoor’s younger brother, Rahul, played by Chandrachur Singh, and tries to woo Shirley. There starts the conflict.
    The film is crazy, wild and surprising in the way it depicts modern street fighters in poor suburbs. The street fights are well shot. They are not overdone in any way. You will not see the typical superheroes of the 1980s who, all alone, could fight hundred gangsters and rest without a pimple. The love story is well portrayed. Chandrachur’s character is well-written and he is portrayed as an intelligent, level-headed and humanly kind person and this comes pretty well across Aishwarya’s spoiled and beautiful Shirley. The many instances that build their relationship, from the first days when she rejects him, the days when she tortures him badly to those when she can’t live without him, flow brilliantly with the film’s environment and mood.
    Shahrukh Khan’s character of a street-smart tough is atypically cruel and violent, but the actor is just stellar in this unusual role. He works with electrifying presence, creating another confident, cool and charismatic persona, excelling in action sequences, and getting everything about this part, whether it’s body language or dialogue delivery, just spot on. It’s a nice paradox watching him in a completely non-romantic role (he does romance Priya Gill’s character, but just in several insignificant portions and that too in a very non-romantic way), but then again there’s more to it as he would give his life for his beloved sister. This is according to me one of his more memorable roles.
    Aishwarya is very effective and likable as Shirley, and acts even more convincingly in later portions when she turns into a suffering woman longing for her beloved. And what I really love about her is that she is never too high about her (gorgeous) looks. I mean, she romances the not-so-good-looking Chandrachur, and still manages to make him a completely great match for her with her believable expression of love for him. Frankly, in the beginning it does feel like she’s really way too beautiful for him for them to make a believable couple. BUT after watching the film and Chandrachur’s good performance I must admit I can’t see anyone else but him in this film. Other cast members, all of whom I liked, include Sharad Kapoor as the other gang leader, Sharat Saxena as the strict policeman, and Nadira, in the last film appearance of her career.
    The film’s music by Anu Malik is fantastic. “Hai Mera Dil” is my favourite, and along with the melodious “Hare Hare” lightens the love story. “Apun Bola” sung by Shahrukh Khan himself is also a nice song. In a few words, ‘Josh’ is very modern, super-cool and an altogether enjoyable film. It is light, at times funny, at times dramatic, at times exciting, and is generally very well directed and acted, with great music, amazing settings and locations, and above-all — a good story. I recommend.

    December 03, 16
  • Chalte Chalte (`Walk Along’) is a mainstream Bollywood romance that goes one better.
    Instead of leaving you at the altar to assume that `they lived happily ever after’, Chalte Chalte takes you inside the marriage after Boy meets Girl, Boy wins Girl, to experience Man faces the realities of life with Woman.
    Start with Raj (Shah Rukh Khan), a middle class guy who owns a small transport company. Raj is messy, impulsive, quick tempered: a guy who acts in haste and repents at leisure. One day he bumps into Priya (Rani Mukerjee), a beautiful, sophisticated upper-class fashion designer born in Greece and raised in luxury. Priya is organized and efficient; passionate, but always proper. Also a bit of a snob, she assumes Raj is merely a truck driver and snubs him accordingly.
    Love blossoms, but the road to happiness is never smooth in Bollywood: Priya becomes engaged to her childhood friend, Sameer, a wealthy businessman from Priya’s world of money and privilege. Raj, not wanting to spend the rest of his life regretting `if only’ follows Priya to Greece to convince her that he, not Sameer, is the man of her dreams. Not so amazingly, he manages to succeed.
    Your typical Bolly romance would be running the end credits about now, but we’re just at the interval. The rest of the film switches from sun and sea drenched beauty of Greece to the mundane colors of Mumbai, and Raj’s messy apartment. Now daily life intrudes, and Raj is left trying to keep the grand promises he so easily made when Priya was a prize to be obtained.
    Chalte Chalte provides a mature look into a marriage, not of two movie stars, but of Mr. and Mrs. Anybody. The charm, or the drawback, depending on how you view it, is that the film has no real plot, no villains, no heros. Just real people doing the best they can with what they have, and with whom they’ve chosen. The problems Raj and Priya face are problems that all married people the world over face every day: disapproving in-laws, money problems, personality clashes, and on and on. The film works best for me on its most mundane level: arguments over wet towels on the bed, shoes on the floor, appointments missed, arguments about anything and everything, and then the making up, the kissing and cooing and apologies before starting another round.
    Most of the performances in Chalte are solid. The supporting players, including Satish Shah and Lilette Dubay are wonderful, and though a handful of new-comers intrude on the flow of the film from time to time, their presence helps develop the story and provide narration and a bit of comic relief. The usually shrill and obnoxious Johnny Lever shows some welcome restraint this time, and creates an endearingly poignant character who helps tell the story in yet another way.
    Rani Mukerjee, in my opinion one of India’s best actresses, is stunning, both in appearance and in her acting. She exudes a warmth, a naturalness and a realness that makes you want to be her best friend, or her lover. With her exotic amber eyes and husky voice she is spellbinding in all her scenes, an intriguing mixture of sexy sophistication and little girl charm rolled into one.
    But this movie belongs to Shah Rukh Khan, and no mistake. Coming after the opulent success of Devdas, and the larger than life Asoka, Raj is Everyman, a regular guy with money problems, wife problems, ego problems, problems, problems, problems. Khan is brilliant, and totally believable as a middle class business owner, struggling to keep up with everyday life. Usually prone to bursts of hammy over-acting, in Chalte Chalte he is restrained and controlled in every scene. Even in those moments when Raj is rampaging over his wife’s well-intentioned betrayal, or on his knees humiliating himself in a crowded airport in front of Priya’s snooty relatives, begging her not to leave him, Khan never goes over the top in his acting. Gone is the bratty charmer of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge: this Raj is a mature, sensitive lover, and a bumbling husband, willing in the end to sacrifice even his male Indian pride for his love. Shah Rukh Khan has a definite gift for creating complex characters who don’t fall easily into good-guy, bad-guy categories, and Chalte Chalte’s Raj is one of those characters. The story has a definite (and intentional) been-there-done-that feel, but Khan is the reason to watch it all one more time.
    There are those who say the movie has no ending, no resolution, and at first viewing I was one of them. But on second viewing I came away feeling that both Raj and Priya had in fact learned important lessons about each other and themselves. Priya, coming from the upper classes does not at first understand the inner demons Raj has to grapple with, knowing he is from a lower class, and that however successful he might become, to Priya’s snobbish Anna Aunty he will never be more than a truck driver. Raj has to learn to put aside his ego if he wishes to remain with Priya, and respect her feelings and attachments, even though they are uncomfortable for him. In the end they both realize that life goes on, you do your best and forgive each other’s flaws and mistakes, and love will get you through. Chalte Chalte.
    The music of Chalte Chalte is a good mix. There are a couple of catchy tunes that will grab you immediately, a couple of ballads that might have to grow on you, and a couple of poignant numbers that I found to be hauntingly evocative during the sadder moments of the film. At times the background score does become a bit loud and intrusive, but on the whole I found it to be quite beautiful. The choreography was nice, if not overly exuberant (perhaps due to Khan’s highly publicized back problems), the cinematography is gorgeous, and there are some dialogues and scenes that will stay with you long after the film has ended.
    There are a couple of scenes that I would have trimmed, most notably the climax which starts out very movingly, but then lags a bit because of length, and the fact that the entire cast are in danger of drowning in glycerine. But Chalte Chalte is a thoughtful offering that will leave you pondering after the closing credits.

    December 03, 16
  • Directed by the late Yash Chopra, the film doesn’t cease to impress the romantic movie lovers and of course SRK fans. People go in with some expectations of a ‘Yash Chopra’ type of romance and are not disappointed at all.
    It begins with a fearless army officer Samar moving all along Kashmir diffusing bombs without tinge of fear in his mind. The story flies in flashback after the audience is well settled for the movie. Shah Rukh Khan handles the role of a strict army officer and jolly youngster so well that it seems hard to believe that both roles are played by the same man. Anushka sharma is bubbly and ‘ happy-go-lucky girl’ who lives life to the fullest breathing every moment of her life happily. Katrina Kaif on other hand is exactly opposite to Anushka. She is a God-lover, believes in goodness,reserved, n filled totally with love. Yashji never lost hold of his directorial touch in the movie. The songs do deserve a thumbs up. Especially the romantic Saans and foot-tapping Ishq shava. Challa makes u groove a bit on your seat. Heer likely to trigger some emotion So for all the romance lovers, JTHJ is a perfect and ‘go for it’ film

    December 03, 16
  • Girls+Guys, this movie is mind blowing. this man is unbelievable. he acts his heart out. gaurav/aryan he plays them both with so much passion. little spoiler alert the action is thrilling.
    he jumps from buildings n roofs he runs like a devil to catch gaurav to bring him to justice. the make up for gaurav is perfectly done, he looks so innocent, so sweet n than u can see him turn into a psycho who wants n trys to ruin aryans live, career n family. this is no romantic movie. this is a die hard action-thriller with massive stunts done by shah himself. n it looks stunning! but there is one scene when gaurav is in jail n he crys coz he got beaten up by the police…this is acting at the highest level. see it, watch it, feel it, u can’t avoid it! u cry.
    so run to ur next cinema and watch it as often as u can!
    This man is, was n will be 4ever the best Actor on this planet.
    Love him always n 4ever. Period

    December 03, 16
  • There are several lines of dialogue in Dear Zindagi that you are unlikely to have heard before in Hindi cinema. Dear Zindagi an unusual Bollywood movie that explores the inner life .
    … Dear Zindagi quick review: Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt are perfect in…Cast. Alia Bhatt as Kiara / Koko. Shah Rukh Khan as Dr. Jehangir Khan / Jug. Ira Dubey as Fatima / Fatty. Yashaswini Dayama as Jackie. Rohit Saraf as Kido. Kunal Kapoor as Raghuvendra, a film producer. Angad Bedi as Sid, a restorer owner. Ali Zafar as Rumi, a musician.During their first therapy session in his expansive, sun-dappled consulting room, Jehangir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) tells Kaira (Alia Bhatt) the story of a man, his Chinese companions, a snow leopard and Mount Everest. There’s humour in the story, but also a message for young Kaira that resonates within her. The next morning, she attempts to recount the story to her friends but stumbles and stammers out a tale that has none of the original quality or charm.
    The script of “Dear Zindagi” is like the story. On paper, writer-director Gauri Shinde’s tale about a troubled young girl and her dapper therapist must have looked like it had the right dose of humour and message. But the end product, much like a game of Chinese Whispers, is mostly garbled and incoherent.

    December 02, 16