• why always the same story the same revenge and the film do not have any logic

    January 25, 17
  • raees good story and diraction with great acting by srk and nawaz with but why the film have a lots of song

    January 25, 17
  • Most overrated film ever seen

    January 12, 17
  • Best film ever seen by srk and bollywood

    January 12, 17
  • This is one of the best films ever made! I watched it a few days ago and i still have the movie running through my head. It is so amazing that it has a lasting impression.
    Once again, Shah Rukh Khan steals the spotlight and does a magnificent performance as the beautiful and sweet Aman Mathur.
    By the way, i was thinking “What a funny movie” until the end…it just gets sad. And me being a really sensitive person, wow…it just blows you away. Shah Rukh Khan’s brilliant performance will stay with you forever.
    I was up at 2.30 in the morning, tissues strewn all around me with tears just pouring down my face. The moment you try to stop crying, another scene comes on and you start again. Seriously, i’m really sensitive so no surprise but i reckon this film was the first film that actually made me cry that much. I just couldn’t stop!! This is a must for everyone..including you sensitive people out there! Everyone must watch this film! It’s just beautiful and it was actually an eye-opener for me! You’ve got to cherish whatever you have because who knows…tomorrow may never come.

    November 29, 16
  • lcome to a new world: Rizwan’s world! There is no religion in his world only good people and bad people!
    He suffers from a form of autism; asperger’s syndrome but that doesn’t stop him from differentiating between good and bad and mind you he is a genius and has a pretty good memory.. He doesn’t hesitate in saying the truth and is always ready to help and love others.. He says the Khans don’t break their promise! He hates yellow color and says the use of mobile phone will kill bees and eventually human beings!
    This movie isn’t a copy of New York or Kurbaan as people say.. In fact this is the only movie in recent times with a super strong message.. The music is soulful and gels along with the movie very well.. Cinematography is top notch! Hats off to Karan Johar for his marvelous direction and special accolades must be given to Shibani Bhatija for superb dialogues! But the man who deserves special kudos and a standing ovation is the king khan himself!! Forget Chak de! Forget Swades or forget anything you remember about him!! The moment you are out of the hall you wont be able to think SRK as a normal person… Funny but yeah he has acted so beautifully that you will only remember Shah Rukh as Rizwan! Yes Rizwan is his new name now!! Kajol was also good in her role even though she doesn’t have a big role in the movie! Her sizzling chemistry with SRK is visible whenever the duo are together on screen.. specially in the song Tere Naina!
    He doesn’t care what problem is he in or how famous he has become by doing those deeds which every human being should do! He only cares about a promise that he has to carry out in order to rebuild his shattered dreams of a successful life.. He loves Mandira(Kajol) and her son very much and he is ready to do anything for them!! He never forgets anyone who helped him! All he wants is peace in the world and for every human being!!
    SRK is back with a bang!! My Name Is Khan will make you laugh, it will make you cry and it will make you fall in love with Khan!! So please take my advice watch the movie as soon as possible!!
    My Rating 10/10
    Thanks and Regards!

    November 28, 16
  • I have read many reviews stating that the first half is good but second half isn’t. Sadly, it comes from the entertainment junkies- a section of audience whom FAN is not even meant to entertain.
    FAN is a different film, intense and serious. The light-hearted moments in the first half can be counted as a bonus. The real fun of the movie begins in second half as the movie gives what it had promised to deliver- intense drama about a star chasing his own fan and fan busy taking his revenge. Fan is Shah Rukh Khan’s triumph. The movie will be remembered as the one which brought us back the King Khan we all had been waiting for; not the one we saw in movies like ‘Happy New Year’ or ‘Dilwale’. Apart from Shah Rukh Khan, who is terrific as both the fan Gaurav and the superstar Aryan, Shriya Pilgaonkar wins hearts in the limited scenes given to her.

    November 28, 16
  • Hello.. I watched Jab Tak Hai Jaan.. And I am not at all disappointed after watching this movie.. Brilliant Movie..
    Acting was good of all the stars.. But SRK was perfect like as usual..
    Unique Love story.. Watch this movie you will fall in love once Again..
    Yashji thanks for this movie..
    The chemistry between SRK and Katrina was really good.
    Twists were good in d movie..
    Music was excellent.. Direction was good.
    Perfect Movie to watch with family..
    Guys Must watch…

    November 28, 16
  • 9/10 | jhangirkn | 24 Nov 2016
    Why do I want to write the 4th comment on The Dear Zindagi? I am not sure – almost everything that could be possibly said about it has been said.
    But like so many other people who wrote comments, I was and am profoundly moved by this simple and eloquent depiction of hope and friendship and redemption.
    The only other movie I have ever seen that effects me as strongly is fan and Om Shanti OM. Both movies leave me feeling cleaner for having watched them.
    I didn’t intend to see this movie at all: I do not like simple movies and I don’t normally watch them. , I check out this movie and watch it and it makes me feel better.” At the time, I thought that was very strange. I absolutely would not watch under any circumstance or things that I had seen too many times already., so I watched it. I have watched it four times since then and it gets better with every showing.
    No action, no special effects – just a girl seeking help with her life.
    The fourth best movie I have ever seen. I do not judge it by it’s technical merits – I don’t really care about that. I have read that ShahRukh Khan have a small role but when I watched it this role really matters a lot. They may have the best technique or be the most influential motion pictures ever made, but not the best. The best movies are ones that touch the soul. It takes a movie like The Dear Zindagi to touch the soul

    November 28, 16