• EYE CANDY if youre in the munna.
    Sometimes you are not in the mood for an intellectual film but rather some mindless visual stimulation. By-passing the contrived storyline which is woven with both action and dance sequences, you cant help being seduced by Tiger Shroff’s (Munna) character. Co-starring is the stunningly beautiful Nidhhi Ager, who plays Dolly, the aspiring dancer. Throughout the movie, there are both dance and fight sequences, all seemingly well choreographed . Munna has beautiful lines in his physical presence which attributes to the fact that ‘Sex Sells” .
    I enjoyed it for the most part, again, not any marvel of film making but the special effects and editing are passable, the music and dancing westernized but it was a late show on a holiday so who cares…. we enjoyed the eye candy… thats about all its worth

    August 02, 17