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Munna Michael

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Munna Michael is a movie about an expert dancer Munna who idolizes the king of pop, reluctantly tutors a gangster until their developing bond gets disrupted by their common romantic interest towards the same woman.Wikipedia

Munna Michael Reviews

Shalini Langer
Indian Express


This Tiger Shroff, Nidhhi Agerwal, Nawazuddin Siddiqui-starrer is a whole dance-action genre has nothing great about it. Tiger Shroff as Munna Michael dance, Munna fights, Munna dance and fight together, this is what he is doing in the film.

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


This forgettable 138-minute film can be better described as this one-liner somebody whispered in the dark right before the end credits: Ye sab alag hi zone me hain (They’re in a different zone).

Rohit Bhatnagar
Deccan Chronicle


Tiger Shroff’s fans might like the film but it doesn’t fly and sinks without a trace.

Munna Michael's hollowness is as striking as Tiger's chiselled torso, one that he freely bares in everything from an unzipped hoodie to a doily masquerading as a shirt...

Meena Iyer
Times Of India


Well, if you’re in the mood to get rid of the monsoon blues with the foot-tapping ding dang, ding dang ditty, you should get introduced to Munna Michael; he’s not making breaking any new ground, but his moves are certainly infectious.

Shroff is the perfect old-school hero, with screen presence and action skills to match. Now if only someone would give him a good script to play with.

Suhani Singh
India Today


Tiger Shroff's moves are all that's worth watching in this dance-action film...

The trailer looked promising and I had entered the hall with some expectations if not a lot. But the film turned out to be a disappointment.Even Tiger’s dance and Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s brilliant performance will not be able to save this film.


What this movie lacks is self-belief and great music. If the whole point of the film was to make it a tribute to Michael Jackson then MJ’s original tunes should have been used.


''Munna Michael is not cinema, it's a circus where we see a chiseled Tiger dancing like a dream''. Beat it' or 'Enjoy Yourselves'.

Mohar Basu


The best way to relish this film is by arranging your expectations of it. Let's get real – there is no novelty to what plays out. There is some fun to be had if you have interest in either action or dance, or both. Siddiqui’s comic relief is a cherry on the top. But the real treat here is Shroff, who has mastered the genres of dance and action in this industry. His fans are going to have one helluva time at this freak show. Others, avoid!

Director Sabbir Khan and writer Vimi Datta have designed a film that is serviced by Shroff’s two skills – dancing and action. In spite of being predictable story with slack storytelling, Khan once again (Heropanti, Baaghi) showcases just what is needed to keep Shroff’s fans satisfied.Put in enough of these two elements and who cares about logic, story, acting or originality.

Komal Nahta
Komal Nahta's Blog


Munna Michael has entertainment for the single-screen cinema audiences but not much for the multiplex audiences. As such, it will not be able to reach the safety mark without the full support of multiplex viewers.

Manisha Lakhe


Munna Michael is all fun and dance but falls into the predictable zone. Tiger Shroff is getting better with every film, but he does not need a dramatic pause in that one signature dialogue he gets to say in every movie.

India Glitz


'Munna Michael' is a weakest imitation of the legendary Michael Jackson version of entertainment.

Sreeju Sudhakaran
Bollywood Life


...if all you want to see Tiger Shroff dancing a lot and Nawaz being, well, Nawaz, then Munna Michael may be fleetingly entertaining for you. Otherwise, it is just a boring, confused masala flick masquerading as a half-hearted tribute to the late Michael Jackson.

Audience Reviews for Munna Michael

  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
    258 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    If anything Sabbir Khan has given Bollywood then it's disgrace, with the help of a couple turkeys like Kambakkht Ishq (2009) and Baaghi (2016). Maintaining the low quality of his entire filmography comes, he comes up with this dance comedy that takes inspiration from one of the greats to make a film that is eligible for at least one of EIC's Ghanta Awards.

    Munna (Tiger Shroff) is a young man who aspires to be a successful dancer. An orphan, he was brought up by Michael (Ronit Roy), a dancer himself who used to work in films, Munna wants to participate in dance competitions and climb his way up. However, Michael does not concur with his son's aspirations and instead wants him to get a government job which is more secure and reputable. Munna disregards this and ends up being challenged by nobodies, eventually locking horns with Mahendra (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a fiendish gangster, whose kid brother he beat up the previous night. As they face off, one thing leads to another, and Mahendra requests Munna to teach him proper dancing in 30 days so that he can impress Dolly (Nidhhi Agerwal), a petite young dancer who works at a local pub...

    As anyone can guess, Munna also falls for Dolly, but is prevented at courtship by his deal with Mahendra which has now grown into explosive camaraderie. It is evident that the writers wanted to make a comedy film, but also wanted to spice it up with gimmicks of dance and some old school hero-villain elements. All things considered, there is not an iota of logic in the proceedings. What gangster requests his potential victim to teach him dance moves? Okay, humor apart, how did it even pass muster in the writer's room? Having this as the main plot element, the film then shifts into romance between Munna and Dolly as both of them dance their bottoms off, eluding poor Mahendra.

    There is some reality show in the background (which is judged by Shaan, Farah Khan, and Chitrangada Singh if you're interested), a gang of three that happens to be Munna's chum group but now seem to be helping Dolly qualify in that reality show, Munna not disclosing his "superb" dance skills to Dolly just because, and Dolly chasing her dream to prove to her father. There is all sorts of gimmickry in the film - something director Khan is known for - that makes it all look like a flashy TV show without substance.

    Shroff is an average actor, but seeing him break a leg and then some bones is not entertainment. His character Munna claims to be an aspirant dancer yet he has more panache as a fighter. His co-star and debutante Agerwal cannot act, but she is at least pretty and that's what matters in Bollywood (other than nepotism; y'all reading the news, right?). Siddiqui performs well, but I'd rather see him typecast than fooling around like this. Supporting cast do a decent job.

    Overall, Sabbir Khan's preparation is typical Bollywood that is unbearable to watch. Of course, there is some comic relief and nice dancing by Shroff, but other than, it's just another doltish film that, if tested by the times, is sure to turn into a shambles. For Pete's sake, it has a veteran actor like Ronit Roy dancing to "Goriya Chura Na Mera Jiya" in the opening sequence itself. Enough to make you coil in unintended laughter. It does not even respect the title, to be honest. A few Jackson moves here and there is not enough, guys!

    BOTTOM LINE: Sabbir Khan's "Munna Michael" is too flashy and made entirely without logic. Its lead actors also fail to deliver what they promised, leaving everything to Ronit Roy and Nawazuddin, both of whom cannot dance. Rent a DVD if you are a fan. Watch "Lipstick Under My Burkha" instead.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    July 22, 17
  • Peter Sheppard
    Peter Sheppard
    1 review

    EYE CANDY if youre in the munna.
    Sometimes you are not in the mood for an intellectual film but rather some mindless visual stimulation. By-passing the contrived storyline which is woven with both action and dance sequences, you cant help being seduced by Tiger Shroff's (Munna) character. Co-starring is the stunningly beautiful Nidhhi Ager, who plays Dolly, the aspiring dancer. Throughout the movie, there are both dance and fight sequences, all seemingly well choreographed . Munna has beautiful lines in his physical presence which attributes to the fact that 'Sex Sells" .
    I enjoyed it for the most part, again, not any marvel of film making but the special effects and editing are passable, the music and dancing westernized but it was a late show on a holiday so who cares.... we enjoyed the eye candy... thats about all its worth

    August 02, 17
  • Lisa Gazi
    Lisa Gazi
    1 review

    One of the worst films I've watched . I was so disappointed as I've seen bhaagi. the lines were typical , the scenes felt fake and the songs were shit , the title had no relation to the story. I felt like walking out and I'm so sure someone did .

    July 21, 17