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36 Vayadhinile

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36 Vayadhinile is an upcoming Tamil drama film and a remake of the successful Malayalam film How Old Are You (2014).Wikipedia

36 Vayadhinile Reviews

Anupama Subramanian
Deccan Chronicle


Overall, despite few shortcomings, 36 Vayadhinile produced by Jyothika’s husband and actor Suriya is a clean family entertainer worth a watch.

Raisa Nasreen


An interesting woman-centric film that could've been executed better.

India Glitz


...is commendable for the effort it takes at reminding women that they can indeed break the shackles that society has put on them, Its’ attempt at warning about the poison we consume as food and its gentle reminder to everyone of the truth that Age does not matter to succeed in life. The three stars are for the above.


Though the film has its high points, 36 Vayadhinile disappointed me and left me wanting for more. The only saving grace in the film is Jyothika, who shines from start to finish, showing the same spark she had 8 years ago. Watch this one just for Jyothika and revel in her earnest performance. This is no English Vinglish or Queen.

36 Vayadhinile is a better film than the most of the so called commercial movies and it is must watch for the family audiences who seek quality entertainment. There are some positive messages that the film conveys, which also need to be appreciated. Go for this one!


In spite of being a little too superficial due to under-developed subplots & supporting cast, films like ‘36 Vayadhinilae’ are a breath of fresh air to Tamizh cinema. It touches the right chords courtesy of a fabulous performance from Jyothika & razor sharp dialogues from Viji.

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