• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    After years of KANK, Karan Johar is back with another amazing, deliciously bitter film where relationships (and not romance) take the centre stage. Starring Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, this is an effective film with a brilliant take and touch. It doesn't suggest the false, and tells the story of love with utmost sincerity, plus endearing charm. Yes, it is the most commercial, and mainstream Hindi film you will see this year- and also the most touching one. I'm going with 3.5 stars out of 5 for ADHM. Go with large aesthetic mind-frame and you will be happy.

    September 25, 19
  • Saheb Abdullah
    Saheb Abdullah
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    2nd half is a big disappointment

    November 26, 16
  • Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
    Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
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    Soon after the Uri attacks where 19 of our brave soldiers lost their lives, they were calls to cut off all ties with Pakistan on all platforms which included Bollywood as well. Well I am not going to dispute the stance that was called for, but many from the film industry including Karan Johar came forward stating that it was not right to deny Pakistani artists from performing in the country. Frankly speaking, I dont believe many of them actually mean it as their eye is only on the money they can garner from the Pakistani market & one of the easiest way to do it is to include stars from there in the movie. This is exactly what KJo did with Fawad Alam in his latest movie "Ae Dil Hai Mushkil", the promos of which has caught the eye of the public. So was it the typical KJo movie with just glitz & glamour or was there more depth to it???

    Based in London, Ayan (Ranbir Kapoor) an aspiring singer & Alizeh (Anushka Sharma) meet up at a bar & try to make out but it turned up to be an absolute drab. However, they hit off famously to end up as close buddies in quick time after the break up with their respective partners. With time, Ayan started having feelings for her but Alizeh wasn't able to take their relation to the next level as she was still in love with Ali (Fawad Alam) who had broken her heart many years back. When she bumps into Ali in Paris, all those feelings gets rekindled which shatters Ayan. Will Alizeh ever able to reciprocate Ayan's unrequited love???

    It's been a while since KJo has called the shots as his previous release was "Student of the Year" in 2012. From the outset, it has all the ingredients of a typical Johar movie such as the uber lifestyle of the protagonists, foreign locales & great music. What sets this movie apart is the pull it exerts on the heart cords which feels realistic & genuine, thanks to the terrific leads. Even the dialogues by Johar oscillated from being witty & stupid to sentimental & philosophical which added a lot to the overall impact of the movie. But where this movie falters is that it offers an undeniable sense of deja vu as it seems like a potpourri of "Tamasha" & "Rockstar". It also comes across way too much emotional & brooding which might not be to the liking of a segment of the audience. On the technical side, everything was top notch be it Pritam's music (almost all the tracks were awesome, "Channa Mereya" & "Bulleya" were my favourites) or Anil Mehta's exquisite visuals.

    Both the leads were absolutely brilliant, that it's hard to say who has aced it; though I have to say Anushka Sharma surprised me with her confidence & attention to nuances. I couldnt possibly imagine anyone else apart from her as Alizeh. Ranbir Kapoor credentials as a phenomenal actor is well established & this role just reiterated the fact that he is indeed the best of his generation, though he intends to mess up with his choice of movies. Aishwarya Rai has done a decent job but her segment with Ranbir was the weakest in the movie. Fawad Alam barely had much to do while Lisa Haydon was spot on as the bimbette. As for the cameos by SRK & Alia Bhatt, it barely had any impact.

    Verdict: KJo might had to bow down to the wishes of the MNS & even put up a message thanking soldiers (nothing more than a gimmick to be frank), but he will be laughing his way to the bank with the initial, It will have the multiplexes & overseas lapping it up, but single screens are unlikely to warm up to him. It should be a blockbuster in the long run as it's surely KJo's most intense movie to date & his lead pairs has just smashed it. In short, if you dont mind emotional drama then definitely go for it!!!

    Rating: 3/5


    October 30, 16
  • Bindu Cherungath
    Bindu Cherungath
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    Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, a much-awaited film by Karan Johar, falls in the genre of Romance. Similar to a dialogue in this film, it is about “Tedha Love” i.e. crooked love. The film is trying to project the imperfect love, one-sided love, unrequited love, people’s different perceptions towards love, the pain and passion involved in love / heartbreaks, but somehow, the film succumbs more to the lust and the need, the screenplay is also shallow. The film contradicts its one of the dialogue: “Main kisi ki jarurat nahi, balki khwaish banna chahti hoon”; the protagonists are driven more by the need rather than love. Certainly, it is bound to have expectations out of a film when the ensemble cast viz. Ranbir, Anushka and Aishwarya are involved. Besides, the very concept of love is a delight to watch, but the shallowness of the film and the superficial handling of the plot makes the film soulless and heartless. The film is all about being superficial in love, filling one’s void with casual relationships, quickly moving from one relationship to another, handling heartbreaks / failure in so-called love relationship with getting entangled in another relationship etc.

    The opening scene of the film is Ayan (Ranbir Kapoor) being interviewed after his success as a singer. When Ayan is asked about his songs’ lyrics pointing towards broken love, incomplete love, he quickly conveys that his love is complete (मेरा प्यार कामिल है) and his love can never die.

    The frames further move to the flash back. Ayan meets Alizeh (Anushka Sharma) in a disco floor in London, where both of them have come to get over the bad mood of fights with their respective lovers. Their meeting ends up in casual flirting to non-committal, guilt-free physical proximities. Both Ayan and Alizeh belong to rich families. Ayan is pursuing MBA, but wanting to be a singer, and Alizeh has registered herself in various courses like Yoga, Bollywood dance etc. She describes herself as Raita, who spreads everywhere. Both Ayan and Alizeh hit it off as friends. During a double date, their respective lovers Lisa (Lisa Haydon) and Dr. Faisal (Imraan Abbas) get caught up in a compromising position. Ayan and Alizeh go for Heart Break Holidays to Paris. Both Ayan and Alizeh’s perception towards their relationship is different. For one, if it is love, for another, it is friendship. To add to this conflict, DJ Ali (Fawad Khan) enters into the scene.

    The first half is dull, starts picking up in the last 10 minutes of the film. Post-interval, the film gets some depth with poetess Saba’s (Aishwarya) entry. But the film never tries to grow beyond the superficiality and the emotional vulnerability of the leads. Is that the only truth of the relationships in modern world? Certain scenes leave the audience confused. One such scene is that of the lead protagonist’s claims of not being in love but just being a great friend, still, in a scene, the facial expressions conveyed that the person is in love, and this confusion is not cleared in the film. It is also strange that a serious situation is diluted with silly laughter scenes. By the time, one gets to absorb the depth of the scenes, it is diffused with laughter.

    What happens to Ayan and Alizeh’s relationship? How does Ali and Saba become part of this plot ? Trailer shows that Ayan is romancing Saba, so how and when do they fall in love? How the special appearances by Alia and Shahrukh Khan become pivotal to the script? Was Ayan in love with Saba or with Alizeh or with both ? What about Alizeh, was she in love with Ayan ?

    As far as the cast and acting are concerned, they are good. Ranbir does bring out the vulnerable & restless Ayan very well. Anushka has projected the unapologetic and mad energy of Alizeh well. The character which brought depth to the film partially is Saba of Aishwarya, and she is looking absolutely gorgeous and stunning. She conveys a lot through her words and expressions. Fawad has a very brief role as DJ Ali, and he did not have much to do, but indeed very good. Lisa and Imraan are in brief roles, they are ok.

    The film does have references of Karan’s previous films, Amitabh Bachchan’s name, Yash Chopra’s Chiffon Saree clad heroines, tributes to 80’s songs.

    Probably Karan’s vision was to make a film about unrequited love on a very lighter note, he did not want any of his characters to take themselves seriously, did not want to be preachy. To this extent, he is successful.

    High point of the film is its music by Pritam and songs Bulleya and the title track stand apart.

    Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is shallow and superficial while conveying the story of unrequited love, one-sided love. The very important ingredient and crux of the film is ‘Dil’, which is absolutely missing from the film. “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” turns out to be ‘Ye hai Mushkil’ for a spectator.

    October 29, 16
  • Shree Hari H
    Shree Hari H
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    With Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, it is evident that director Karan Johar aspired to make a film that stands testament to the power of love – especially that of the gut-wrenching, unrequited kind.
    What he does end up making, however, is a mushy, maudlin mess of a film that grates on the nerves – one that will probably be remembered as his most amateurish, imbecile production to date.
    Ranbir Kapoor plays Ayan, a guy who’s helplessly smitten with Alizeh (Anushka Sharma in a stellar turn) but whose love remains mostly unreciprocated for reasons that vary over the course of the film.
    One of the biggest problems plaguing Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is that the film feels tonally inconsistent throughout its running time, constantly vacillating between juvenile comedy and melodramatic excess.
    The humour in this film is mostly meta and of the self-referential type, and this would not have been an issue if it didn’t appear so forced and out of place.
    The film feels derivative more often then not – many portions are largely reminiscent of Imtiaz Ali’s terrific Rockstar and the Shailene Woodley-starrer The Fault In Our Stars.
    This is a shame, considering the wealth of talent that Johar has at his disposal here.
    Ranbir Kapoor has the acting chops to pull off any role – any decently written one, that is.
    Ayan, however, remains a woefully sketched-out character, and one whose obsessive behaviour borders on the creepy.
    Johar’s latest will inevitably go down as one of the most disappointing Hindi films of 2016 – a cracker that fizzles out without so much as a spark.
    Ae Dil, This Buzzkill.

    January 12, 17
  • Daksh Arora
    Daksh Arora
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    I loved the film.Very beautiful movie.First half is very entertaining.There are some beautiful moments in the first half.The chemistry between the lead couples are treat to watch.The second half has emotional value which touches my heart.This movieis all about friendship,heartbreak and is a very rare subject that haven't seen in previous Bollywood movies.Climax is so emotional.Ranbir is superb.what a comeback! Truly Amazing. He is perfect in every scene.Anushkasharma is done an excellent job.She is extraordinary.Aishwarya Rai bachchan is superb.She has small role.But she has done marvellous job.Fawad khan is also done an excellent job.Dialogues and music are excellent. Overall,an excellent movie with gr8 songs,outsanding perfomances,superb direction and beautiful dialogues.5

    November 26, 16
  • Rakesh Kasuhik
    Rakesh Kasuhik
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    I m go to watch Adhm with lots of excitment when we 22 friend enter in PVR only max 30 percent seat full.
    Film start film end kjo ne hum sab ka Adhm se bore kar ke baza diya band.
    Koi mar raha hai koi sucide kar raha hai bakwasssssssssss movie
    Music achha hai
    Kya uske liye chutiya karan johar album bana deta saale picture kyu banayi
    I give only 1 woh bhi music ko warna film mein kuch nahi
    Fawad sucide
    Ash dead
    Srk gay
    Flop first week mein hi

    October 28, 16
  • Rajesh Bachani
    Rajesh Bachani
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    Confused movie. Didn't know what's going on.
    The first half was just full of hyperness. Everyone was running around. The two lead characters were going to mountains and here and there, recording videos, blah blah. Where was it all going? It was full of overacting and the characters looked so fake. Especially Ranbir, looked very half-hearted in the movie. With the same chant of broken heart and singer drag.
    With simple characters, and better acting, it could have been a whole different thing.
    Second half was bullshit anyway. Ranbir finds Aish. Vow, and she is also so desperate like him. He moves to Vienna, after 3 months, as if he knew she was ready to blow him off. Well she was actually. And suddenly Anushka comes in again, and their fake relation is exposed. Ranbir is still talking to Anushka like a kid and that he loves her. Well, dude, you just were in love with Aish? Is it some joke?
    Again, better direction or screenplay could have made the situation better.
    End was really bad. No point in talking about it.
    Overall, I feel if the script was written for middle class people, and if the characters were wisely chosen, the movie had some content. Fawad looked fantastic and very talented. Look at Ranbir in the scenes with Fawad. He looks amateur.

    October 31, 16
  • Shri Bandivadekar
    Shri Bandivadekar
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    Has any of you gone through this ?

    You were madly in love with someone , had almost planned rest of your life with him/her. But unfortunately, you lose that person to someone else due to some reason. And you are no more the most important person in their life. Do you remember the first day after this happens? Do you remember how the morning msg which was earlier 'Baby wake up" has suddenly just turned into a "Hi"? Do you remember how the conversation which was earlier used to end with "love you :-*" suddenly started to end with a "bye".

    All of these sudden changes left you shattered. You tried everything to get their attention back. You wanted to hurt them for leaving you. You wanted a reaction, a reaction which will just confirm that it is still not over between you and that person still feels for you but just not admitting it because of some reasons. For this, you started dating another person. You started sharing your intimate pic with the new person on social media. Just for that 'one reaction' from your now ex.

    If you have gone through all of these, then this movie is just for you .

    It is very close to your heart. Probably the only difference could be that the love of our hero in this story was always one sided. But yes he was still feeling all these emotions. You will cry with him, laugh with him.

    finally, I want to end this post with few lines of my fav. song in this movie.( In fact, I want to recite these lines and record and attach it to this post; will do it surely if I get time)

    mehfil me teri hum naa rahe jo
    Gham toh nahi hai, gham toh nahi hai
    Qisse humare nazdeekiyon ke
    Kam to nahi hai, kam to nahi hai

    Kitni dafaa subah ko meri
    Tere aangan mein baithe maine shaam kiya

    Channa mereya mereya
    Channa mereya mereya
    Channa mereya mereya beliya

    November 03, 16